10 Minutes to Study

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Student in junior or senior high school have so many activities. They have to comprehend all the subjects and join course after school time. They must be exhausted and sometimes forget about something important like they will have test tomorrow morning, because of it, the student will so surprised and panic when they realized that 10 minutes again they will have a test.

10 Minutes to Study

So, I will give you some tips, I think it’s called emergency tips to study. You can use this if you really forgot that you’re going to have test in 10 minutes! Don’t be panic! You can use your precious 10 minutes to study.

10 minutes to study imageYou need 1 minute first to take a deep breath, countdown from 10 to 1 and calm yourself. You can’t learn your materials test if you are too panics and not relax. 1 minute later, take your book or your test materials then try to remember what your teacher was taught you a week ago.

Don’t waste your time with sleep, or joking with your friend. Try to remember the material, usually before the teacher start the test, the teacher will give a clue about the materials that they’ve already gave you. If you don’t remember too, you can ask your friend.

In 6 minutes, try to read the sub-part in your book, understand quickly about the points in the materials. Just remember the important points and don’t ever try to memorize all the details of the materials, just take the outline. If you have a good notes, it would be better to help you out. If you are such a lazy person to write down the materials, you can borrow your friend’s note.

If you are going to face math test or another calculate test, look at the formula if you are going to have a physic test, and remember about the homework that you have already done. If you’re often did the homework, I’m sure you can do the test without studying. So, use your 6 minutes to memorize the formula. If you can’t do that too, well, you can ask your friend to review the point that you need to remember. Don’t be shy to ask to your well-prepared friend. Or let them teach you, if there’s some material that you don’t understand. It is study lol 🙂

Do not cheating! Whatever worst thing that might be happens, don’t cheat! Okay, well 2 minutes left. You can use your first minute to cross check with your friend, ask them to help you review it once again. Or you can use the time to find your stationery like ruler or calculator. In a last minute, you can take a deep breath and relax. it is 10 Minutes to Study

With your faster learning system like that, don’t expect too high like you hope to get a perfect score. Miracles might be happen but not this time. The preparation is very important to decide your success. Your brain is not instant noodle, when you memorize the materials your brain won’t easily absorb that if you’re not relax.

The ‘hidden note’ won’t forever help you with this kind of situation. So does the help of your friend when you want to cheat. It won’t help you but maybe you can get busted.

So, use your 10 minutes to study as best as you can. And don’t repeat that fault again. For the next test, you have to be well-prepared and get ready for the test!

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