3 Success People Without Their Bachelor

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Most of the old people said that if you want to be success then you should go to college. A college will earn you a fine living in the future because with your bachelor degree you can find a good job. That’s the classic statement from the old people in the past to their children.

The fact is, college is just a way for the people to develop themselves and also make them educated, but college doesn’t guarantee you to be a success person. Whether you will be success or not in the future is depend on you. There are many of success people who didn’t pass college in their life. So here’s the three success people without their bachelor degree…

3 Success People Without Their Bachelor

1.    Steve Jobs

3 Success People Without Their BachelorSteve Jobs was born on February 24th 1955. Since he was a little, he showed his interest to the electronic thing. His high IQ make him joined acceleration class, but he was often got punished because he did something bad like brought snake to class, etc.

Steve Jobs have called one of the Hewlett Packard Company, Bill Hewlett and asking for the electronic component for school homework when he was 12th, then Bill gave him the component also asked him to worked in his company for summer.

In the company, Steve met his partner Steve Wozniak. When he was 17th, he studied at Reed College, Portland, Oregon, but he was dropped out after a semester. As a young man who didn’t pass college, he had an idea to build computer company, then he ask his partner, Wozniak to joined him.

In April 1st 1976, when he was 21st, he successfully found Apple Computer. There’s a reason why he chose Apple to be the name of his brand, because he loves apple and the bite in one side of the symbol means ‘byte’.

2.    Bill Gates

bill gatesWilliam Henry Gates III or Bill Gates is one of the founder of Microsoft. He was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28th 1955. His father William Henry Gates is a lawyer who had so many relation in town.

Bill is a smart boy but he tends to have difficulty when he was in elementary school. When he was 11th, his parent sent him to the Lakeside School. In Lakeside on 1968, for the very first time Bill Gates introduced to the computer.

He registered as a Harvard student in 1973. In his first year in Harvard, he learned about the programming language and made BASIC. In Harvard, he met Paul Allen and together with him developed his talent in computer program.
After that, Bill Gates decided to dropped out from Harvard and focus to established and developed a company named Microsoft with Paul Allen until the company has US$ 226,2 billions asset.

3.    Mark Zuckerberg

mark facebook :-)Since he was a little, he’d like to operate the computer, try any of the computer program, and learn to made it. When he continue his studied to the Harvard University, he had an idea to made online student directory book because the university didn’t give face book or student book with the picture and also the identity of every student to know each other.

Every time he offered his idea to Harvard, the university always declined it for some reasons. But Zuzkerberg still made the student book directory to know each other called Facemash, the program was made to shows student attractive picture, then Zuckerberg’s mate in Harvard, Cameron and Tyler asked him to worked and made a social website named Harvard Connection.

But Mark decided to dropped out from Harvard and start his social website called The Facebook. Mark focuses on developing Facebook until his company worth as US$ 100 billion.

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