3 Ways to Save Our Earth

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Save Our Earth !!! Our earth is getting sick. Air pollution caused by the vehicle like car and motorcycle have been increased. Then, illegal logging by the irresponsible company caused so many deforested. Polluted river by industrial and household waste cause so many fish and plants polluted then died.

Because people in the world are increase, so it may generate household waste. They use thing, they throw it into a dump, then burn a huge of trash and cause the pollution smoke or throw it into a river. Those bad habits cause so many effects to the earth. Like this real example, green house effects.

Save Our Earth

The ozone layer is getting thin, and that may cause the ultraviolet radiance from the sun can irradiate the earth without any filtering process from the ozone layer. That would be danger for all of the people, the effects is complicated like skin cancer, global warming, over flood, and others bad impact.

So, all we have to do is stop the green house effects by doing this 3 little things. It’s simple to save our earth if you have an intention or motive to do it. But, see and feel our earth condition is getting bad, I think you must do it.

3 Ways to Save Our Earth

First, you have to REDUCE.

Save Our Earth - Reduce plastic bag

Image by meetthegreens.pbskids.org

Reduce using plastic bag after you shopping in the supermarket, choose to put the groceries in your bag, or if you using the plastic bag, don’t litter it after you use it, but save the plastic bag and use it another time.

Then, reduce electricity consumption with turn off the lights when the sun is shining (morning until afternoon).

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You can reduce the pollution in the city too, with bike wherever you go beside take a ride with car or motorcycle or if you don’t mind, you can take a walk if your destiny place is not far.

Second, you have to REUSE.

reuse - save our earth

image by meetthegreens.org

you have to reuse all the items that have been used.

After you are going to the supermarket, and unpack your groceries, don’t litter the plastic bag! But keep it and use it another time.

Other example like carton, you can reuse the carton maybe you can reuse it as a pencil case or file box or if you have so many carton in your house, maybe you can resell it to the other person that need carton.

So, it can be conclude, that you need to be creative to save the earth.

Last one, you have to RECYCLE.


image by environment-green.com

You have to recycle materials that may be a waste into new products in order to decrease the junks in the yard. For example, you can collect bottle, newspaper, cans, and make it into something new.

For an example, you can collect the newspaper, magazine, and tabloid to process them and make it into a recycling paper or maybe you can use your old grandfather’s tools to make a new bicycle.

The benefit from the activity, you help the earth to decrease the amount of the junk in the world by using a trash to be something useful.

Those 3 ways to save our earth are pretty simple right? So, reduce, reuse, and recycle from now on to save the earth for the future.

Don’t act like you don’t care, because our future is depends to the earth future too.

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