5 Best World Universities

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UniversitiesIf you are a fresh graduate from high school or college, it’s not only a dream if you want to continue your study in one of the best universities in the world.

You can browse in the internet about the scholarships or find the way to apply into your favorite university. Now, before you choose the foreign university to continue your study.

Let me tell you about the 5 best universities in the world.

1. Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest institution in United States which already established 140 years before The Declaration’s of Independence had been signed, actually in September 8th 1636.

The name of Harvard was taken from the last name of John Harvard, the leading figure from Charteston City who donated half of his loyalty to develop this campus.

Now, more than 320 thousands alumni with 270 thousands Americans and another 50 thousands spread in 191 countries. Harvard University is located in Massachusetts, US.

Harvard University is one of the Ivy League members and has 9 faculties: arts and sciences school, medical school, divinity school, law school, business school, graduate school of design, graduate school of education, school of public health, and school of government.

2. Yale University

Yale University

Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut and Yale is one of the Ivy League members like Harvard University. Established in 1701, many of the Yale alumni became a president like Bill, Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush.

Beside that, there are also many of the successful businessman came from Yale University like the owner of Coca-Cola and Fed Ex. Yale School of Law is one of the campus with strict qualification, that’s why Yale University produce many of the successful person. Yale University is Harvard’s competitor start with the quality of academic until football field.

3. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in the world with a strict qualification in UK. University of Cambridge was formed in 1209 by the scholars who left Oxford University because slack with the people in town. Oxford and Cambridge University always compete in every field, that’s why people sometimes called them ‘Oxbridge’.

Based on the history, Cambridge University already produced many of the scientist, writer, and well-known politician in England. The high standard of Cambridge is the second result of learning chance which is offered by Cambridge. The reputation of academic is extraordinary.

4. Oxford University

Oxford University

Oxford University is the oldest institution in England, located in Wellington Square, Oxford, UK. This university has 20.000 students. There are four divisions in Oxford, humanities, medical science, mathematics, physic science, and social science.

It’s not obvious about the information of Oxford University’s establishment, but based on the history, Oxford University was established because the slack of King Henry II with archbishop, Thomas Beckett.

Because France did the intervention by took Beckett’s side, King Henry ordered all the British student in Paris University to moved to Oxford, to continue their education, the king built Oxford University.

5. Princeton University

Princeton University

Princeton University located in Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton University is the forth-oldest university in United States. Princeton has famous fields like architecture, technique, international matters, and public whether pre-graduate or graduate.

This university is related to Brookhaven National Laboratories. Princeton was established as College of New Jersey in 1746, and at the beginning it located in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Then, this campus moved to Princeton in 1756, the name ‘Princeton’ changed in 1896. Princeton University is also one of the Ivy League members. Shirley Tilghman is the president of Princeton University for now.

Done : short review about 5 best word universities, please let us know by leaving a comment if we have to revise the lists of universities

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