5 Top Muslim Scientists in The World

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In history of Islam, precisely in the Middle Ages, there were so many Muslim scientists born to inspired and affected the development of science in the world.

Mostly, the Moslem scientist at that time came from Arab, Turkish, and Persia. Their masterpiece such as science books are very inspired so many people in the world, whether they Moslem or non-Moslem.

So, here are the 5 top Moslem scientists in the Middle Ages.

5 Top Muslim Scientists in The World

Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina, he’s a scientist in philosophy and medical field. He was born in Afsyina village, near to Bukhara City. He was already memorized Al Qur’an when he was around 10 years old.

In adolescence, he interests in cure people and learns medical science. Then, when he was 16 years old, he was already a doctor and opened a doctor’s office.

Ibn Sina isn’t only experts in medical science, but also other science that based on philosophical science. Ibn Sina made one masterpiece it’s a book about Qanun fi al Tibb or The Rules of Medication.

This book explains about many kind of authentic explanation of diseases like lungs infection and 760 cures accompanied with the effective way to use it.

In Latin, Ibn Sina known as Avicenna and his book is used as text book in medical science in Western for 6 century.

Muslim scientists

Al Khwarizmi

Al Khwarizmi, his full name is Muhammad bin Musa. In Baghdad, he was appointed as a worker in palace. He ran the department in palace that related to mathematic and astronomy.

Because he has very good potential in math and astronomy, the caliph gave budget to his personal life and career.

His famous book is Hisab al Jabar wa al Muqabalah or Merger Calculations and Equations. Thought of this book, came out the term Algebra, the term which is used throughout the world.

Hisab al Jabar wa al Muqabalah is used as mathematic text book, in universities at Europe until 16th century.

Muslim scientists

Al Ghazali

Al Ghazali, he’s a great theologian of Islam. One of the phenomenal books by him is Ihya Ulum al Din or The Revival of Religion Science.

This book is like spring that never runs out, because there are so many advantages in this book and the spiritual assessment inside of it.

Al Ghazali was born in Ghazalah village near Tus City. Beside his famous book about religion, there’s one more of his book that very well known, it’s Tahafut al Falasifah or The Confusion of Philosophers.

The content of the book is a critical of thoughts and ideas of philosophers.

Al Farabi

Al Farabi, he was born in Farab, Transoxania. He’s a great Arabian music theorist. One of his famous books is Kitab Al Musiqi Al Kabir or Big Book of Music.

Beside that, Al Farabi is also known as a writer in various fields like logic, physic, and social. His career grown in Syria, precisely in Syaf Daulah Al Hamdani’s palace, he was educated by Christian doctor and translator.

He was died in 80 years old at Damascus.

Ibn Khaldun

Ibn Khaldun, he was born in Tunis. Ibn Khaldun is a father of Political Sociology of Islam. He made his masterpiece in North Aljazair, it’s Muqaddamah or Opening, the book is very well-known in Sociological Science.

In that book, he explained that social phenomenon is following the laws which can be searched by finding facts, rules, and act in society. In 50 years old, he worked for Mameluk Sultanate, and the big duty was when he trusted to dialog with Timur Lang or Tamerlane, the Moslem leader in Middle Asia who wanted to attack Egypt.

The conversation between Ibn Khaldun and Tamerlane, made Tamerlane canceled the attack.

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