6 Intelligences of Human Brain

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6 Intelligences of Human BrainHuman brain consists of right and left brain. Right brain is useful for creativity, emotionality, musicality, shape ability, and think about something with no details. And, when human think about mathematics and their logic, they use their left brain.

In human’s brain they have some kind of intelligence areas. These intelligences can be developed by some activities that boost the brain power. There are six intelligences that human had in their brain.

6 Intelligences of Human Brain


1. Social Intelligence Area.

This area is about interaction with other people and expressing our self. To develop this intelligence area, we can do some activities like social service and other activities that related to social interaction.

2. Memory Intelligence Area.

This area is human ability to catch some information, and keep it in their memory, then recall the information when they needed.

These are 3 steps of memory process.

The first one is encode the information, it means every information that we’ve got, we change that information into some code that will be accepted in our memory.

The second one is storage process or save the information in our memory, so every single information will be placed into its category.

The last one is recall the information, process of searching the information that we have got and remember it when we needed.

This intelligence area can be sharpened by some activities like memorize some information using Mind Mapping. 

3. Emotional Intelligence Area or we can call it EQ (Emotional Quotient),

This intelligence is human ability to control their emotion and other people surrounding them. Some research shows that Emotional Intelligence is more important than other intelligences. Somehow, this area gives its contribution for human’s success.

We have to be more sensitive about our surroundings if we want to develop this intelligence. We cannot be selfish, control our emotion and learning to know other people’s feeling if we want to control this area.

4. Verbal Intelligence Area.

This is the important zone to functionalized human ability in language. Even, most people judge someone’s ingenuity by their proficiency.

We have to read many books to enrich out vocabularies so we can speak well with other people or we have to learn the grammar, so we do not look bad in speaking.

5. Mathematics Intelligence Area.

Mathematics Intelligence AreaSince childhood until adulthood, calculating is an activity that people never forget,

because everyday we always calculate on something, even some of the people said that they hate mathematics, but they’re still calculate.

6. Spatial Intelligence Area.

Spatial Intelligence AreaThis area is human ability or their intelligence to explain about something that relate to space, shapes, and map for example.

We can develop this intelligence by interpret some location from the map or learning direction. Learning geography, architecture can help us to develop this intelligence area.

So, those are 6 intelligences in human brain that we can explore. We have not to explore all of those 6 intelligences to reach to success. We have just to choose which intelligence that dominant in our brain.

For example, we already knew that we’re expert in social and math, so we have just exploring those intelligences maximally.

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