Tips: A Good Way to Give A Speech

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A Good Way to Give A Speech; Giving a speech is one of the difficult thing to do for some people, because not everyone good in public speaking. They have to deal with the nervous-on-the-stage thing before any word come out from their mouth.

But in this era, public speaking ability such as make a speech is very needed, because when you have to do presentation in front of your job recruiter or if you want to promote something or persuade some people, you need to train your self to do public speaking, and giving some speech first is one of the way to do it.

A Good Way to Give A Speech

A Good Way to Give A SpeechIn order to deliver a speech material, you need to make a good strategy first to attract the attention of the audience.

So, for the very first thing to do, you need to prepare your speech material as good as you can, re-read your speech materials and correct it if there any inappropriate or wrong diction.

Practice your speech in front of mirror as often as you can, try to lose your nervous-on-the-stage thing with focusing on your self, you need to have self confidence to face the audience.

Dig your material, prepare your self as well as possible, have enough rest, and don’t forget to pray before you give a speech.

When the time’s coming, you need to relax yourself 10 minutes before you deliver a speech. The opening of the speech is one of the important part of all, because this part would give the first impression from the audience for you.

There are some ways to give some openings before you deliver your speech, you can introduce your self or make a humor first to attract the audience.

Then continue to your speech, after you finish it, you can close your speech with make a conclusion from all of your speech content, tell an interesting story, quote a wisdom word, or tell the audience that they have been amazing while you were give your speech.

Here’s the thing that you should notice when you give a speech, first of all you should use the language that the audience could easily understand.

Give various intonation when you talk, so the audience will know the situation of what you’re talking about or the purpose of your speech clearly.

Asking for a question to the audience whether there’s an obscurity about your topic, so the audience will not misunderstand with your purpose of the speech.

Use your body language to support your communication with the audience. Standing where you can see all of the audience, look the audience in the eye with confidence.

Speak clearly, expressly, and loudly (depend on size of the place) so the audience will get what you mean. Notice your intonation, pronunciation, and also your volume when you speak, because that’s very important when you deliver a speech to the audience.

And the last thing is the very little thing that you should notice, it’s about the using of microphone. If there is a microphone, use it wisely, don’t stick it to your mouth, give a space between mic and your mouth so your voice will not come out awkwardly.

Better if you prepare the slide show in LCD to support your speech, so your speech will be more interesting than ever.

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