A law is Utopia

July 5, 2011 | By Bambang Triatmo | Filed in: Blogging.

A Law is Utopia imageA law is Utopia: Legal issues that occur now as a crime circle that never end and finished. Arise sink replaced by a new problem, then forgotten and emerging as an issue to cover the transfer of other problems.

Legal problems could trap and bind anyone, especially those who are in a better system of judicial or executive policy.

The justice system is burdened with political interests tend not to make an independent judicial institution become a means of attraction the various interests in both the prosecutors, the judiciary or the police.

Isn’t secret anymore that the placement of officials at institutions of justice are not the only political party stands for professionalism.

A law is Utopia

There is a jargon in the community that when the officers approached a brilliant career to a political party if it were not so bleak career or marginalized.

Various cases of the mafia tax, banking crime, mafia budget until the election is problematic merely a legal discourse, conversation or discussion forums. Law as a commander just being a utopia, existing but confused and such as shouting in a vast desert, a hope that never comes.

We do not cover the success of their work the judiciary existing some cases that can be resolved, but still far from complete, all waiting for a change, hopefully! image by searchnsniff.com

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