A Singer’s Secret Recipe

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A Singer’s Secret Recipe, We all knew that Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion have a beautiful and angelic voice.

They killed all high note easily, they sing a romantic song beautifully, and they got the feeling and the power to sing because they practiced for many years. Being an outstanding singer is not that easy.

We have to practice so many times and rearrange our daily routine to be a good singer.

A Singer’s Secret Recipe

singer secret recipe

First of all, we have to change our food pattern. We cannot consume all the fried food excessively. Because, the fried food consists of cooking oil, then the oil could settle in our throat and damage our vocal cord. It’s horrible, right? So is spicy food.

Spicy food is also has to be avoided if we want to keep our vocal cord. Do not consume all those food excessively to keep your voice cord quality. That is the very first step of all.

Second, you may see many band vocalist drinks alcohol after the show and they seem fine. Well, they don’t feel the negative effects of drink the alcohol yet. Alcohol is a main beverage that should be avoided, because it has a very negative effect.

Many singers lost their voice because their bad habit to drink alcohol almost everyday. If our vocal cord is weak, then they become an inflammation of a vocal cord because of the negative effect of the alcohol. As time goes by, they lost their real voice because of it. And now the problem is how to recover the real voice? Well, it will take a very long time to recover it.

Maybe it will take only 2 years, or even more. It is possible too to get a throat or vocal cord surgery like Adele did to get her voice back. So, step away from the alcohol.

Besides arranging the food pattern, a good singer has to do some exercises like swimming and running routinely in order to train the respiratory. The respiratory is very useful when we learn about some breathing techniques like diaphragmatic breathing, chest breathing, and others to make us easy when we sing, because regulate our breath when we sing is the most important thing to do.

In order to be a good singer, we have to do some vocalizing to train our vocal pitch. Maybe we can start it with basic like do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do, and so on. Then, the hardest part to be a singer is trying to kill a high note in a song.

Songs like And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going from Dream Girls, I Have Nothing and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston are so hard to conquer. But it will if we use head voice technique and some breathing technique when we’re going to kill some high note. So the key is practice harder.

It’s clear, to be a good singer, A Singer’s Secret Recipe are not consume fried and spicy food, do not ever drink alcohol, do more exercises like swimming and running, practice some breathing technique and vocalizing routinely.

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