Acne On The Back: No Worry You Can Handle It

July 25, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Most teenagers have problem with acne. Usually, the acnes appear in their face, they feel so uncomfortable, but nowadays there are so many medicines for clean the acnes in our face, so teenager no need to worry anymore.

But, recently, it turns out acne isn’t only appears in our face, but in the back of body too. So, I think teenager have new problem with acnes again. Well, let’s see what is the factor of acnes in the back appearing?

Acne On The Back

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There is propionibacterium acne, this kind of bacterial lives in your skin surface, it can lives in your skin face or in the back of your body. Normally, this bacterial is not dangerous to our skin, but when you don’t keep your body cleanness, well let’s face the consequences that the bacterial will turn into acnes in the back to annoys you.

But, the factor isn’t only the bacterial, the height of oil glands production in skin. The heights of oil glands production which cause acnes appear at people who have oily skin, so if those two factors gathering, the acnes in the back will easily arise.

Then, the bacterial and height of oil glands are not the factors of acnes in the back appear, if you often wear double clothes not in the cold weather but in the hot weather, well the bad effect will appear.

That condition will stimulate your body to sweating and in the same time the sweat will appear because your back is covered by heavy clothing. Moreover, if the condition is moist, so the bacterial will easily breed. So creepy!

That’s the internal factor above, there’s external factor of acnes in the back appear. The chemicals compound in water and air which is polluted will cause acnes in the back, for example, contact with dioxine will cause chloracne.

Acne On The Back

Certain drugs can also trigger acnes, too much using steroid, stay awake in midnight, wrong eating patterns, insensitive skin cells accumulated, and genetic factor will also cause acnes in the back.

So, for you teenager, no need to panic or worry if the acnes in the back starts to bothering you, you can handle it by taking a bath, rub your body with cleaning soap that consist 2% of salicylic acid. After taking a bath, blow-dry your body and apply body lotion that consists noncomedogenic. Prevent to wear heavy clothes and try to wear clothes by thin material and baggy like cotton and linen, so the air circulation can easily enter.

Taking a bath twice a day, and do not using hot water, prefer hot water. Don’t rub your acnes too rudely, it may cause irritation. Beside that, you have to eat healthy food. You have to cut food that may consist of high sugar level and fat, that kind of food will make your skin oily such as fast burger, French fries, soda, and many others. Start to consume fruits and vegetables. Peanuts is also needed, meat without fat such as tuna, turkey and chicken breast.

If your acnes in the back is getting worst and you can’t handle it yourself anymore, you can go tell the doctor and consult it with specialist doctor.

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