ADSL2+ Ethernet /USB Combo ROUTER D-Link DSL-526B

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D-Link DSL-526B is almost same as another DSL product in my previous projects such as DSL- 2542B or DSL- 520B. The ADSL Combo router product by D-Link International Pte.,Ltd is another devices which already approved through type approval services and already got the type approval certificate in the date of issuance on February 23rd, 2009 in Indonesia.
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This ADSL2+ Ethernet /usb combo ROUTER D-Link DSL-526B connects your computer to the Internet using an integrated highspeed ADSL2+ interface. It provides NAT and SPI firewall to protect your computer from Internet attacks, and QoS functions to prioritize traffic for smooth on-line games, streaming multimedia and voice communication over the Internet, as well as download of large files, photos, music and video.

When needed, multiple computers at home and the office can also share the high-speed Internet line using the router’s built-in DHCP server/NAT functions and an externally connected Ethernet switch.

ADSL2+ Ethernet /USB Combo ROUTER D-Link DSL-526B is an affordable high-performance ADSL device for home and the small office. This router provides all the essentials that a home or small office needs to establish a secure and high-speed remote link to the outside world.

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6 comments on “ADSL2+ Ethernet /USB Combo ROUTER D-Link DSL-526B

  1. Some dlink routers are great but some have several bugs. Before purchasing this router it would be best to check out reviews.

  2. purwaka says:

    thats cool 😀

  3. narmadi says:

    @Network Camera Guru: I agree with you that we have to double check all of products before
    @purwaka: thanks

    • Amateur Reader says:

      Every products should have bugs 🙂 It is common in SDLC. Even gigantic vendor like Cisco has nasty bug in their IOS code who make all internet around the word were flapping last month if i am not wrong 😀

  4. Guten Tag,

    mein Router > DSL-526G ADSL2+Modem Router Combo TOT < bringe wo ich es
    gekauft habe, wird mir immer versichert, das Geraet
    sein in Ordnung. Die Stromversorgung ist nicht die
    Ursache kann ich garantieren, weil auch mein Desktop Sony VGC-LV17G am selben Stromversorger haengt.

    Freue mich ueber jede Antwort von Ihnen, besten Dank im voraus.

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

    Herbert Rendler

  5. ngoctan says:

    cho em driver d-link DSL-526B