Against Pedophiles: We have to be careful with Pedophilia

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Pedophilia is a sexual disorder in someone that has an attraction to the children. This term came from paidophillia (Greece), pais for children and philia for love or friendship.

Paidophilia is sourced from the Greek poet who use the word to replace paiderastia (something that related to the masculinity) which cannot be used in the middle of the 20th century in Ancient Roman. Used of the term pedophilia is first used by a psychiatrist in Vienna name Richard von Krafft-Ebing.

The term is used in his book Psychopathia Sexualis in 1886. And for the people who has this kind of disorder called pedophile.


Against Pedophiles

The pedophile has an attraction to the children. This is not just an ordinary attraction, it’s different, they do like to contact with the children.

Some of the pedophile’s victim is a children underage that being obscene regularly by the pedophile for years.

When the victim grown ups, the pedophile starts to lose their passion or attraction to the victim and they will hunt for the new one.

The pedophile has characteristic, first, they have an attraction to the children whether it’s a baby or an underage kids. Second, they only like the children, it is not include adults.

They have a special attraction to the children, that’s not ordinary feeling. Third, they like to do sexual activity with the underage kids. It’s very creepy because the victim of pedophile is a child.

More about Pedophilia

Based on the research in America, more than 40% of kids have been sexually abused by adults. And about 80% of kids who have been sexually abused had a bad habit like hurt them selves by self harm and other symptoms of mental illness.

The impact of the victim caused by this sexual abused, usually they feel inferior, always being afraid, and even wreak it their experience to the other kids when they grow up. It’s like a devil circle.

Pedophile is like predatory. It means they will do everything and sacrifice everything to hunt their victim. There’s a pedophile in America, he intentionally adopt kids from orphanage after the first victim who is his own kid grew up. The pedophile can wait for many years just to get the victim. So, no wonder if pedophile always adopts kids to trap the victims.

Then, that makes pedophile different with another crime is, the pedophile save the documents of their victim neatly. Like photos, videos, and even conversation record of them and their victim. Like Clarence Osborne, pedophile from Australia who kept the complete and detail information of more than 2500 victims.

So, we have to be careful of the pedophile that maybe closes with our little cousin, niece or our children. The detail characteristic of the pedophile, they usually live alone, never have a boyfriend or girlfriend or even dating. They have limit relationship with their peers.

They have so many underage friends and feel comfortable to play with kids instead of their peers. They expert of teasing kids and manipulate the victim.

The pedophile is kind to the victim when they first meeting, it’s because the pedophile do something on purpose, they kind because of they want to trap the victim. So, for the kids, beware of the over-kind stranger outside and don’t trust the stranger too much. We hope our short explanation about pedophilia would be useful. Appreciate if you are willing to leave a comment below 🙂

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