Are You Stressed Out? (symptoms of stress)

May 16, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Have you feel exhausted all the time and always get angry? Having a worst day, scolded by your boss, have a ton of homework to do, there’s a lot of debt have to be paid, those problems are getting you crazy and make you feel sick about it. Careful, people maybe you have got the symptoms of stress.

For me, there are two kinds of people in the world when they face the problems. There are the calm one and the panic one. The calm one usually feels nothing bothering their life even there’s a lot of problems to solve in their life. They always think positively and clearly when they have to face a big problem. This kind of person believe that the problems that they had there’s always a solution.

So, they are not going to be stress and smile even their hearts is aching. It’s different with the panic one. This kind of people will easily get stress and think that they are the one with a huge of problem in the world. Even just a little problem they have, they think that’s a big one and they can’t handle it. But the truth is, their stress make them act like crazy stress people.

So, what are the symptoms of stress?

symptoms of stressFor the people who got stress, lately they will be overeating. They distract their self from the problems with eat snacks all the time. If they heard about a little bad news, they will eat. If they get into some problems, they will eat. Eat and eat all the time until the problems being solved. The negative effects of these symptoms are they will become fatter then they will spend much money to buy some snacks, and any others. But, just some people have this symptom.

Because so many problems in their head that they think they cannot handle, they will think negatively all the time. If there’s someone offering to help them with their problem, they will refuse and think badly about someone who will help them. They will be sensitive and easily get angry. That is a bad sign, because if we change into that person, there’s no one want to catch up with us, because they think we are not friendly. The bad impact is, we don’t have a friend to asking help and share for.

Charlie Chaplin’s Smile lyricsThen, if we are getting stress, we feel headache like the world is over our head right now. It could be migraine or something but we feel like something crack in our head. Not only that, we will feel pain in joints like joints in the foot. But that pain often feels by old people with a huge of problem of their life.

Last symptom maybe perceived by most of the people, that’s feel exhausted. We surely get exhausted if we think about our problem everyday but not try to calm down and think about the solution clearly. So, for the readers, don’t let any of those symptoms get into you.

If you all had a huge problems, try to calm your self, think about the solution, ask advice with your parents or your friends, share the problem with someone you can trust because I believe the problem in our head will decrease 30% if we share it with other people. And the last thing that you have to do is smile. Like Charlie Chaplin’s Smile lyrics.

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