4 Kinds of Autism Therapy You Have to Know

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Nowadays, there are so many Autism therapy methods that use to change autism child behavior. Because of the huge methods of therapy, then the parents start to confuse to choose the right method to their autism child. Almost all the center of the autism therapy claimed that their therapy is the best way to cure autism child.
Autism Therapy
Because of that, it’s very important to give a comprehension to the parents that the right time to give the child therapy when their child has already diagnosed autism, better before 2 years old.

The doctor who experts in autism, suggest that the best therapy is multidiscipline, simultaneous, and continue therapy, that involve parents and family roles.

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Autism Therapy

There’s no therapy could cure autism child for 100%, because the whole of the therapy form is completed one to another so the result will be optimal.

Here’s some kind of therapies that usually use for autism child.

Behavior therapy, this therapy has already known as Applied Behavior Analysis, with the LOVAAS method, using respond stimulation for the practice. The purpose of this therapy is to change or cure weird behavior from the child.

Next therapy is sensory integration therapy, this is a therapy to children who is difficult to study and have behavior disorder. With this therapy, the children will participate actively, so hopefully there’s an influence for the changing of the brain ability so it will fix the children behavior.

The activity to this therapy is the children can choose every kind of games that they like and therapy function is to give a direction in order to make the games that the children playing is well planned and right.

Then, floor time stimulation, floor time principle is using every chance appear to interaction between adult with the children using the way that fit with emotional development level of the children.

In this stimulation, the interaction that will happen can start from the parent’s idea, baby sitter, and the children which are using the emotion of the children then expand it in order to get interaction from both side.

Speech therapy in order to fix, recover, increase, and develop speak ability in order to make the child can communicate and interact with their surrounding. This therapy give the children understanding the form of the things then introduction of numbers and alphabet while train their sentence.

It needs to remember that the most of the autism child in later day, they still communicate non-verbally. So, the other types of communication worth to try like PECS (Pictures Exchange Communication System).

Here are some tips for the parent that pharmacology therapy is not the main therapy for the autism. Then, the things that will influence the result of the therapy are the age of the kids start the therapy (the sooner the better), therapy intensity, therapy methods like I have already explained above, the involvement of the parents and family while therapy is very important for the kids, and the characteristic of the children is very tight with the children’s IQ.

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