How to be A Good Announcer

October 8, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Good announcerBe A Good Announcer : Broadcasting is a fun thing to do. Being an announcer is the most comfortable job ever. Because, for the Readers who loves to speak and chit chat, being an announcer is a right profession, so working isn’t the scare thing to do anymore because you just fun to do it.

So, for the Readers who have the potential to be an announcer, you shouldn’t have to be afraid to exploring your potential through a broadcast training. I’m going to give you some couple tips to be a good announcer. So, here it is…

Be A Good Announcer

First of all, you have to expand your knowledge in order to make you a professional announcer. Every announcer has an extensive knowledge about the recent issue in local or even global world. So, don’t you think to be an announcer is all about speak, speak, and speak without the important knowledge inside of it.

The best announcer is also depends on their knowledge. So for you who don’t like to update your mind with recent news nowadays, better you start to notice in newspaper, television, or internet about what happen in the world right now, before you get dumb because be an announcer has to be smart!

You should have your own style on the air, so the listener will know the different between your style when airing and the other announcer. Your style when airing should fits with the theme release.

For example, the theme is teenage dream, well act like you are a teenager even if you are not a teenage anymore, that’s a demand from your job. You should fit with whatever theme release on that day. So, try to be more flexible. And don’t forget that you should really understand about the theme that you will bring when airing.

You should up to date with the newest songs in the world. My advice, you better check to know about the newest and the trending songs in month. It’s not funny when your listener knew more about the newest song than you are as an announcer.That’s very embarrassing.

Beside that, you have to be more socializing with everybody, in order to learn about every characteristic of each person. So, if the listener needs your opinion about a case, you can think wisely and give them right advice.

Think out of the box and be creative! An announcer has to bring fresh news update everyday, give something new and unique to the listener so your listener will not get boring with you. And the last thing is, always train your voice with vocalizing.

It’s very important as an announcer to train their vocal, so the pronunciation when you say something will audible. And also your voice will be heard so clearly and tunable. If you don’t mind, I suggest you to take vocal rehearsal before you air.

So, I hope those tips from me could help you to be a good announcer, always practice and learn. Because be an announcer has to be smart, fresh, and friendly. Good luck!

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