How to Be a Good Listener

June 3, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Have you ever been boring to hear your friend’s story? Like, when she starts to tell about her rich daddy, her specialty, and other arrogance of her. Well, I know you may start to get sick of it. But, to be a wise person, you have to be a good listener too whether your friends tell a good story or a boring story, you need to focus about what do they talking about.

Usually, when our friends talking about something, our minds isn’t in your brain to take in what have they already talked about, your mind travel to the other space. So, we can’t catch what’s the story that our friend is talking about. According to the research, averagely people can only catch 25% from the whole story of their friends or when they talk with the other people.

Be a Good Listener

Good Listener

So, in order to be a wise person, you have to be a good listener first. If you are such a talkative person and love to speak, just hold for a moment to hear about your friend story when they want to talk with you. If your friend is sad and need someone to talk to, be ready to hear whole of your friend’s story. Don’t speak anymore because you can’t listen to your friend if you keep talking.

Give a freedom to your friend to talk. Help your friend to talk what’s in their mind. Show them that you interest about their story, look and behave like you interest about it, and keep listening until you understand about what they talking about.

Don’t listen to your friend’s story while you daydreaming, play some paper, busy with yourself. Feeling empathy and respect, if your friend is telling a sad story about how she and her boyfriend broke up, don’t make fun of it. Give her motivation and affection.

If you and your friend is debate about something and you’re in opposite side from your friend’s side. Don’t get angry! Listen what’s your friend opinion. Don’t debate too long and force yourself to win the opinion, because that’s a very wrong behave. Show some respect or maybe ask about something that shows that you are interest about your friend’s opinion and you wand to know about it, so your friend think that you are a neutral and wise person.

Show your body language that you are really listening and catch up what your friend saying, like say yes or look at their eyes. Give a best respond like, ‘really?’, ‘tell me again!’, ‘sounds great.’, or just, ‘cool!’. The word is simple but very effective to make your friend happy and comfortable to talk with you.

It can be used when you’re starting to make new friends or adapt with new people. You can attract them to talk with you and make them comfortable with you. So, the people feel that you are such a nice person and the best listener, you can give them good advice, and always understand about what they talk about.

The conversation will flew and you can give them a smile or another body language show them that you are the right person to talk to.

Are you you willing to be a Good Listener ?

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