I Want to be A Young Entrepreneur

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Be A Young EntrepreneurBe A Young Entrepreneur: Some research shows that the success of a country is depend on its human resources.

If human resources in a country be active to explore and use the benefit of their own nature resources or start the business to less the number of unemployment, it will make a progress for their country to be better and ready to compete with other country.

The success of a country is also decided by how many of their citizen become an entrepreneur. Because some research says that the 2% of the advance country’s citizen is an entrepreneur. But in Indonesia only 0, 7% of the citizen became an entrepreneur while the rest of citizens have no desire to become an entrepreneur.

Be A Young Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is good for us, and also for the country.


Because if you be an entrepreneur, you will start a brand new business and hire some unemployment people, beside you can run your own business without related to the office’s rules and stuck salary, you can also help people to get a job, and less the number of unemployment in Indonesia.

Being an entrepreneurs is also develops your creativity and make innovation. Imagine if you always be an officer in a company, you can’t throw all of your creativity because your creativity is bordered by the company’s rules.

Sadly, people in Indonesia have old mindset and the mindset is haven’t change yet. When they go to college and learning until get their first degree, all they think about is how to find a good job with big salary, how to work in foreign company, and how to be a civil government officer.

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They don’t think about being an entrepreneur, start a company, and absorb so many people to be hired. All they want to do is work for the other people because they think they are good enough by being an employment with big salary than to being an entrepreneur.

People in Indonesia always think that being an entrepreneur is so challenging and too much risk. So they prefer to play safe by being an employment for the rest of their life. Never think about start a little business. So, for the Readers who still have a mindset like that, please change it from now on.

I know that being an entrepreneur has so much risk, because they have to earn the capital first, then build the link with other people, has loss experiences and all the challenging things. But remember that the success people never reach the success without any trouble on the first step.

Well, to be an entrepreneur shouldn’t have to build a big company, start it by run a little business like culinary, small factory, or boutique. All of the success entrepreneurs always start their business from a little thing then become a big thing. If you don’t have capitals to start your business you can earn it first by work in a company, save half of your salary to start business in the future. So, being an entrepreneur is independent and freedom.

To develop an entrepreneurs spirit for people in Indonesia, the government should add the entrepreneurs curriculum in school or college with learning by doing system. So they will know about the advantage of being an entrepreneurs and most importantly their mindset will change from being a job seeker to be a job giver.

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