Being a Wealthy Teenager

May 23, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Wealthy TeenagerBeing a Wealthy Teenager, Have you ever dream about being rich and make some money from your own toil at young age? Well, you can make it come true if you have intention to do it.

Maybe there’s a question from the upper class teenager who has already rich, why do we have to make some money if we can get the money easily from our parents?

Well, in this global crisis, we don’t know what will happen, maybe now you’re being rich then suddenly later you become poor and have to help your parents financially.

Beside, if you try to make some money, you can expand your ability maybe in writing, singing, business, design, and others. And, you can save the money and invest it into something that favorable like apartment, new business, or gold. That’s very interesting to make some money than we just waste our money but not make some.

Being a Wealthy Teenager

There are so many ways to make some money during our main activity, go to school or college and study. If you have so many books or comics in your house, maybe you can make some money from those things. You can make a books rental in your house.

You can rent your books about Rp. 3000,- until Rp. 5000,- for each book. And then, if you smart and clever, you can offer private tutor to your friend’s little brother or sister.

You can teach them subject that you’re good at, maybe English, math, or vocal! Before you decide your price, you should consider the transport cost and your allowance. Or maybe, you’d love to design. You can design your own clothes and make your own line then make an online shop to sell your masterpiece.

You can make your hobby into business too, if you like to cook and baking, you can make unique cake or cupcakes and offer to your friend to order your cake. If you like to sing and feel that you have a beautiful voice, you can be a wedding singer, you can join wedding organizer or event organizer.

If you want to be a wedding singer, you should have so many love songs repertory because it’s a main capital to be a wed singer. Or maybe, you are very talkative, friendly, and knowledgeable, you can be an announcer or MC. But, if you such a dreamer or imaginer, you can release your ability through writing. You can write a short story, and send it to a magazine. You can get at least Rp. 250.000,- for a story.

Indeed, make some money is not easy, but if you try to focus and diligent of what you are doing, you can be success. Then, you have to be patient. If you’re doing a business like open a small restaurant and shop, you have to prepare yourself to face any kind of problem. That;s is why I put the title of Being a Wealthy Teenager

Before, you start to run your business or do your job you should ask the expert, so you know the technique or the way to do your job efficiently. So, make yourself useful and more productive by make some money with your own way (halal way). I hope you are Being a Wealthy Teenager

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