Better Steps to Start a Better Day

May 22, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Better Steps to Start a Better Day: Some people feel that every morning when they wake up, they are still feels exhausted and sick of activities that they have to face like work or school. Even when they had much rest on Sunday, but when they wake up on Monday, they still feel tired and cannot concentrate when they in the middle of work or school. So, people like this have to be more productive in the morning to starting the day.

Better Steps to Start a Better Day

To start a bright day, it’s better when you have a little time to have breakfast in your busy day. Because, breakfast is very important to start our routine, according to the review of 134 studies about breakfast by University of Leeds in England found that memory, ability to solve a problem, and another cognitive ability will decrease dramatically if we pass breakfast.

In the morning, it’s better if we don’t have breakfast that contain of carbohydrate like cereal, bread, toast or rice. The carbohydrate suddenly will increase the level of blood sugar, it may cause the body will releasing a considerable amount of insulin. The result is, blood sugar level in our blood will decrease and desire to eat more carbohydrate. This is the reason of the main factor of diabetic, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

better daySo, what’s the criteria of a good breakfast? Better if you have breakfast with food that contain of protein like having a scramble egg in the morning. Because, the protein will increase brain activity until 20%, this is happen because protein supplies the consistent energy to our brain.

Breakfast like this will help us to avoid the carbohydrate food everyday and our appetite will be under controlled. Our desire to having a carbohydrate food like noodle, rice, and junk food will decrease. The result is, our body will use the fat as energy source.

Besides having a breakfast, we can take a walk for about 20 minutes after wake up in the morning to increase our brain ability. Increase our brain ability in order to produce some idea to solve our problem. It’s better, when you have a little time to jogging, so your body’s health and your brain will be more productive.

Then, some people love to have coffee in the morning. Just an advice, it’s better if you have another caffeine supplies to your brain beside coffee like dark chocolate. It’s only about 20 until 30mg caffeine that will increase brain ability. The research shows that dark chocolate will increase blood flow to the brain and help you to lose some weight. An ounce of dark chocolate contains of 70-85% cacao or about 25mg caffeine, whereas coffee is contain of 80 until 125mg caffeine.

So, if you do those steps to start your day, you will be more productive and away from stress attack because you can think clearly to solve your problem and have more spirit to go to work or school. Having breakfast that contains of protein, take a walk or jogging after you woke up is the better way to start a better day.

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