Beware of Your Snacks

May 13, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

If we look foods and drinks are sold on the roadside like meatball, cotton candy, snacks, noodles, syrup, and others. It looks delicious and attracts us to buy it. But, before you eat and buy those snacks, you have to consider and wondering the chemical content in that food.

Is that dangerous and will harm our body? Is that safe if we eat that? Before, we recognize any dangerous chemical content in those beverages we have to know first any kind of chemical content that commonly used for food and drink.

Usually, the chemicals that used for food in order to make it more delicious because the chemicals can enhance it flavor. Then, the buyer will attract to buy the food if the food has attractive colors, for an example, cotton candy has so much color like red, blue, and green, so the kids like to buy it.

This thing is has to be notice too, because usually the seller use the chemicals like food coloring to make the food more delicious and looks tasty.

Not only that thing, the seller don’t want to lose their money and increase the profit with using food preservatives in order to make food durable. So, even the food is not sold today, they can sell it for another day without any stale sign of the food.

Monosodium Glutamate (avoid on snacks)As you know, if the seller want to enhance the flavor of the food, for the example like ham, sausage, and cheese, they using Nitrosamine. Nitrosamine is a chemical that use to give typical aroma like sausage and cheese. Sometimes, this chemical is use to maintain the real color of meat. This chemical is danger for the body. Nitrosamine can cause cancer.

Nitrosamine isn’t the only one chemical to enhance taste of the food, there’s Monosodium Glutamate. This chemical is used to enhance the taste of the food. Almost all over the food use this chem. Monosodium Glutamate can cause cell mutation, colon and liver cancer. So, while your mother cook, remind them to not use MSG.

For preserve the food, usually the bad seller use formalin. If they mix formalin with the food, the food will not be moldy or foul. Formalin can injure liver, hearts, brain, lymph, and central nervous system. Borax is the other chemical to preserve the food.

The meatball seller mix borax into a processed meat in order to make a tasty, chewy, and durable meatball. The effect of this borax will cause brain, liver, fat, kidney disorder.

Metanil YellowSeller always adds the food coloring to attract the buyer. They use Rhodamin B, a chemical like red crystal powder and if you dissolving this to the water, the water color change into red. Usually, this chemical is use for synthetic dyes for textiles and paper industries.

But for the worst seller, this chemical is use for coloring snacks for the children. Metanil Yellow has a same function with Rhodamin B. This chemical is use for paint industries.

Both of those chemical have effects, it can cause indigestion and liver cancer. Creepy, right?

So, beware of the food that you eat. Better you buy the food in big supermarket with responsible company label on it or make the food of your own, usually we called home made. Better safe than sorry.

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