Boys Puberty: When the Puberty Time Has Already Come

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For you, girls I think you should know about boys puberty. Is it same with the girl puberty or very different? Well, let’s check it out!

Puberty in boys usually happens in 9 years old until 16 years old, but it can be change or different depends on the individuals. In 11-14 years old, usually the hair will grow in some of body parts. The growth will continue to the other part of the body until 20 years old. Soft hair will grow in their penis in 13 years old until adults.

boys puberty

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Beside that, the hair growth will spread to perineum. It will happen in 16 years old. Thin hair will be seen in face area, armpit area, stomach area, chest area, arm area, leg area, and bottom are. Amount and hair spread in boys are different. This phase is called Growth of Hair and Pubic Hair.

Next, voice changes in 11 to 15 years old. With the development of testosterone hormone, the vocal range will longer, heavier, and bolder. The voice will be heavier because the larynx will grow and as the larynx grow, the vocal chord will longer and heavier.

So is the face bones, pit in sinus, nose and back of the throat will larger, so the changing will produce more space in face to give more echo of voice. While the voice changing is happen, it isn’t normal if suddenly the voice change into loud like girls. The change will happens in 13 years old and will be heard in 14 years old.

Boys Puberty

Then, growth of penis and scrotum usually start in 13 years old until 2 years later. You should know that there’s a levels variety of genital growth. When 11 to 20 years old, the oil gland become active or even over-reactive, this is the reason why boys start to have acnes in their faces.

This problem will continue until adults with the different levels in every individual. When the girls and boys starts producing oil when 10 to 15 years old, boys will be more late 2 years than girls.

The body will be more muscular and more shaping. All of this happens, because the testosterone hormone that causes the muscle grows in 13 years old. You can see the changing in chest area and muscle in shoulder. Testosterone cause the bones will grow longer, the structure will heavier, arm and leg will grow longer.

All the boys will erection spontaneously in their whole life even when they were in the embryo. During puberty, the boys erection without any stimulation physically or sexually, the erection will happen every time and every where. It will be shame if it happens in public area, but it has to be understood that it’s very normal.

And I know this is every boy question, why the boys have Adam’s apple but girl isn’t? Well, because the effect of the changing make the larynx larger than before, the larynx will be more slant into one angle in neck, and the part of the slant larynx appeared and stuck in neck. That’s why it called Adam’s apple.

So, for the boys who not mature yet, don’t be so awkward if there any weird symptoms in you. Maybe, your puberty time has already come. I though my short explanation about boys puberty is enough, please leave a comment 🙂

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