5 Points to Become a Brighter Fresh Graduate

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Brighter Fresh Graduate, Being a college student isn’t similar with high school student, it’s very different. In high school, our teacher pushes and always motivates us to become a diligent person and collect our assignment on time. In college, we have to be responsible to our self and our duty.

No one will remind us to do our homework or do the assignment. A college student’s might be very individualistic. The teachers or lecturers in college will not pay much attention as our high school teacher did to us.

Our self is a decider to decide if we want to become a successful person or not. So, if you are a diligent student since kindergarten, well be happy because you’ll take the university’s atmosphere transition easier than the student who always being lazy at school.

Brighter Fresh Graduate

So, to become a bright fresh graduate couple years later, you should be a bright college student first.

Fresh Graduate


1. Be On Time

Being late is officially not a good habit for the college student. Try to being on time in every class. Come to the class one hour before the class is started. Being an ‘on time’ person shows your lecturer about your professionalism quality.

Beside that, change your lazy habit by being on time is a little precious thing to do, because a little change is very important for the first step to success.

2. Focus

Focus is the only thing to reach the success. Focus on your study field and make it quick to get the bachelor degree. Don’t waste your time to play with your friend or join the unimportant activity. Focus to finish your bachelor degree first by pass every subject’s term and condition in each semester.

3. Sharpening Your Soft Skill

College student has two skills, hard skill and soft skill. Hard skill is the college student ability in academic, soft skill is college student ability in other field like organization, writing, arts, journalistic, sports, and others. Don’t be a passive student, don’t be a student who always study, study, and study without develop their other ability.

4. Build the Link

Someone says that our friend is our assets. Well, that can be true, because we don’t know about our future and what our friend will might be. Maybe, they can be a leader in a good company or another successful person, so we have to being friend with everybody. Build the link by making friends and being friendly.

5. Get a Scholarship

In college, you will find bunch of scholarships offer. So don’t be worry, just focus to get your best scores, join the profitable organization, and apply to more than 5 scholarships. To be a brighter fresh graduate in the future, you should have an ability to compete other people.

Through apply the scholarship into some institutions you can learn how to compete another appliers and get use to it.

So, according to the Diponegoro University in Semarang, to be a brighter fresh graduate, you have to being COMPLETE. Good at communication, always professional on duty, being an educator to yourself, and being a thinker for now and later.

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