Two Types of Bulimia Nervosa

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Bulimia Nervosa still in related to my previous articles, ‘Food Combining’ and ‘Identifying the Anorexia Sufferer’ it had been said the term bulimic. Because of the teenager’s obsession to be skinny, they decided to spew every food after they ate in order to keep their body slim and not getting fat.

Bulimia Nervosa

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Usually, this kind of way is being used by the teenager who’d like to eat but don’t want to let the food gains their weight. So, after they eat so many foods in a day, they throw it up.

They forced themselves to throw the food up by their own way or they drink laxative in order to throw all the food in their stomach through defecate. This kind of extreme diet called bulimia nervosa.

Bulimia term came from Greek, bous means cow or buff, limos means hungry feeling. So, bulimia itself means eat continuously like a cow or buff. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that makes the sufferer overeating, followed by the act to get rid of the food that being eaten.

Bulimia Nervosa

There are two types of bulimia, first is purging type and the second, non-purging type. Purging type is a kind of bulimia sufferer who used direct way to get rid of the food like throw up or using laxative. Non-purging type is a kind of bulimia sufferer who always exercise routinely or fasting to keep their weight constant.

There are so many factors why teenagers being a bulimia sufferer. The main factor is social environment. The teenage girl mindset thinks that being skinny is better, so they can get many friends, involve into popular gangs, and get boyfriend easily or even just want to win the prom queen.

The factor also came from their psychological state, a person with bulimia mostly from teenage girls. There are so many teenage girl declines in personal control, their ability, and also their talent. They are being perfectionist for their body shape. Family factor can also be one of the reasons why they’re being bulimia.

Bulimia sufferer came from unhappy family, generally they have fat parents or they have been fat when childhood.

There are signs of bulimia complication, the bulimia sufferer inflamed throat, swelling of the salivary glands, tooth decay because they often purging. The characteristic of bulimia nervosa sufferer is they eat their food in large amounts over a period of two hours, and then they lose their control when they’re eating, abuse of laxative, attracts their stomach to purge the food, and they pay attention for their body too extreme.

If you have friends who suffered bulimia, help them to stop their bad habit, ask them to consult with the doctor and apply the healthy diet. Help them to control their eating emotion. Throw their weight scales away so your friend won’t check their weight every single time.

Help them to find a general discussion for bulimia sufferer, so your friend won’t feel alone while suffer this disorder. For the last, remember that healthy diet is the only way to save everybody from eating disorder like bulimia. Keep confidence with our self, the beauty isn’t come from the outside but also inside of the personality.

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