Bye-Bye Home Sick

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Home sick is such a usual attack when we’re far away from our home, parents, and friends. Sometimes, to reach the success, we have to get out of the box or get out from our comfort zone to get it.

Most of the success people become success because they leave their house, move to another place to study, build their career, and find a way to change their pity life into a better life.

Every foreign college student that moves to the other city or other country must be home sick in the first until second month after they left home. All they do is standing still and think about their parents in their hometown.

It’s very hard to be a foreign student. They have to be an independent person because no one is going to help them if they have a problem, because they know nothing in their new land. Beside that, adaptation with a new culture and situation is a very hard to do.

Bye-Bye Home Sick

Home sick

To me, home sick is killing. We have to get it cover to throw our home sick feeling. So, how to say ‘bye-bye’ to the home sick mood?

First, remember your very first goal that makes you want to get out from your comfort zone. Remember that your parent trusts you and count on you, burn your spirit to keep focus and coming home with achievements. Don’t let the home sick feeling ruin your mood, avoid it with your goals dream.

Keep your self busier and busiest. Join the activity that make your self busy and forget about your home. Whether it’s organization, campaign, scientific club, or else. If you spend your day with full of activities, I’m sure that time’s ticking feels so fast, then your home sick feeling will be gone.

Don’t let your self do nothing in a day, because if you don’t do anything and just sit in your flat and wondering what your parent does in the middle of the day, your home sick feeling will getting worst. Your desire to coming home will be increase 5 times than usual. So, avoid that habit before you’re getting stress.

Making friends and hang out with them on weekend. Maybe, most of the foreign student feels sad on weekend because they used to dinner with their family and had a quality time in their house.

But now, everything is different, they have to spend their weekend by take a walk on their own or hang out with their friend. For the first time, it’s very awkward. But for the next time, you’ll get use to it.

For the last, to cure your home sick feeling, you can call your parent. Call and ask them everything. I’m sure it will make your feeling better. Besides using telephone to contact with your parent, you can video chat with them using Skype.

Skype is the way to meet your family even you are in a hundred miles apart with them. So, there are so many ways to cure your home sick feeling. I hope these tips will help you to feel better when far away from home. Let’s say bye-bye to home sick!

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