Climbing Merbabu

July 19, 2011 | By Bambang Triatmo | Filed in: Blogging. – climbing merbabu magelang; Night began to fall when we arrive in the mail one group of ascent Merbabu wekas village, Magelang. The cold start crawling all over our bodies, water froze in the bathroom like we did not dare shower just to clean the face alone.

Climbing Merbabu

Far and uphill journey by riding a motorcycle makes us tired and made ​​a dirty face. At the post one, we were taking a break while just chatting and drinking hot tea and snacks.

Some friends have a sleep while waiting for orders to come eat dinner, cold make hunger more serious. When dinner came we once ate with nice, although only with fried eggs and vegetables were delicious. Familiarity and the modest indeed characteristic of a true climber, they have a principle of real men are those who dare to accept challenges.
about ten o’clock we started getting ready for the climb.

Dark night we began to scour the streets of uphill in the Merbabu park. About an hour we lost the way and none have had the compass. Our guides are a couple of times trying to find a way to climb Merbabu some of our friends as a novice climber started to worry, fortunately after we find a way to creep and crawl for two hours we found a back road.

Arriving at the post two at about half three in the morning. morning after breakfast we went back to the top Merbabu. It is not ending of climbing Merbabu, next post about my photos collection probably

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