Coffee or Tea ?

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Coffee or Tea ?

Coffee or Tea

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While relaxing yourself after the hard work or when you wake up in the morning and having a breakfast, you must have consumed tea or coffee to start your day.

Usually, when you eat sandwich or croissant for breakfast, coffee or tea is a good friend to your food. Both are delicious and relaxing. But, which is the most advantageous to our health? Coffee or Tea? Let me tell you one by one about the benefits of consume coffee and tea.

Coffee or Tea ?

Coffee is kind of beverage from extraction of the coffee plants seeds. Generally, there are two kinds of coffee seeds, Arabica is the best quality of coffee seed and Robusta. Coffee Arabica is a kind of traditional coffee with the best quality, most of the coffee in the world made by this kind of coffee seed.

This coffee seed came from Ethiopia and have been cultivated in many countries such as America Latin, India, and Indonesia, then generally, this kind of coffee growth in tropical or sub-tropical climate country. Beside Arabica coffee, there’s Robusta coffee.

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This Robusta coffee is a second-class coffee. Why Robusta called as a second-class coffee? It’s because the flavor is bitter, a little bit sour, and consist of more caffeine. You can find this kind of coffee in West Africa and Middle Africa.

If you consume one cup until two cups of coffee for a day, you can get the benefit from it for your health. What’s the benefit anyway? First, coffee will prevent stroke and heart disease. Second, coffee also can prevent cancer and diabetic because coffee can decrease blood sugar level for the people who suffer diabetic especially diabetic type 2.

Third, coffee can protect our teeth from plaque formation and gum infection. Forth, coffee can burn our stamina, we aren’t easily get tired and sleepy. And last, drink coffee regularly will make our brain works better ‘cause coffee consist of antioxidant. But, with the benefits above, you can’t drink coffee to much, because it will provoke cholesterol and high blood pressure.

coffee or teaDone with coffee, now I’m going to spill out about tea. Tea is a drink consist of caffeine, an infusion which made by brewing tea leaf with hot water.

Tea divided into four groups there are black tea, oolong tea, green tea, and white tea. Tea is a natural source of caffeine, theophylline, and antioxidant with the fat level, carbohydrate and protein close to zero percent.

Tea as an antioxidant can fix the broken cells, smoothing our skin, make the body looks skinnier, prevents cancer, heart disease, decrease the cholesterol in our blood, and so many others.

That’s why tea is called drink with rich benefits. Beside tea for our beverages, other people use it for health therapy. So, what’s the substance that makes tea so beneficial?

Polyphenols in tea is catechins and flavanols. This compound is useful as antioxidant to catch free radical in our body and prevent the cancer cells development in the body. A cup of tea consist of vitamin E, C, A. But, beside the benefit of tea, there’s other bad chemical inside of tea.

The bad chemical is caffeine. Caffeine in tea will distract food absorption process. But no need to worry, you’re still safe if you just consume 1 until 2 cups of tea per day.

Okay, then for the last, it’s like the rules of drinking tea. Do not ever drink tea during or after you eat, because chemical in your food can be stolen by stimulant in tea. Don’t drink tea while your stomach empty, because your gastric acid will increase.

If you will, prevent to add sugar to your tea, because it will less the good chemical in tea. Prevent drinking tea while you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Well, there is the explanation above between coffee and tea. So, coffee or tea, anyone?

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