College Student Attitude

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College Student AttitudeBeing a good college student is different with being a good student in the school. In college, you are forced to be independent and individualism.

The lecturer won’t expect anything from you whether you want to be a bright student or a normal student without join any group discussion in class or other social activity. In college, you should have a will to study, because being a college student is all by yourself.

The lecturer doesn’t mind if you don’t want to take their class because they won’t get any loss of it, you will. Beside that, there are so many college students who have no principals in their life following some weird association and lead them to failure, so before you go to college, better if your prepare yourself by make a principal in your life like something that you can do and cannot do in college life.

College Student Attitude

Every senior student in high school should have trained to have a college student attitude. College student attitude is an attitude where every student learns to be a good college student, so they will have the ‘attitude’ since freshmen to be a brighter fresh graduate later. To know this kind of attitude is very important for your future in college. You have to build the good character to reach the success later.

For the very first step to have a college student attitude, you should on time in every class. If your class starts in 7 o’clock in the morning, try to come to your class at 6.30 in the morning. Try to change your habit and keep the on time attitude while you’re in college. Because why? Because, late is a bad habit of people in Indonesia.

Don’t stick to that, change the habit, and be on time. Nowadays, the college student should have an international minded. Like for example, people in advance country didn’t tolerate the ‘late’ word when they go to school, have an appointment, and working, so try to compare the attitude with them.

Class schedule in college isn’t similar with class schedule in school which always full from 7 am to 2 pm and very scheduled also tight. Class schedule in college depends on its lecturer, because you have to follow their schedule. Beside that, class scheduled in college isn’t as full as class in school, so you have more spare time in your life.

And the problem, there are so many college students cannot use their spare time wisely. Many of the students always use their time by hang out in the mall or back home and sleep. So, you as freshmen, change the attitude by use the spare time smartly.

You can use and fill the spare time by join some activities, social activities, or group discussion. There’s bunch of benefit activity in college life, and now it’s your decision to choose which activity that might give you benefits.

Don’t be a college student with a rolling stone cycle, it’s like going to college-go home-eat and sleep-going to college-go home-eat and sleep always be like that, you are a total loss if you’ve been like that while in college. Do something more, be creative, and produce some masterpiece in your college life.

Beside you can fill your time with extracurricular activities you can also work part time, or being a freelance. Count it as a practice to drill your skill before you involve in the out world. Or maybe you can go to the library and read some references books related to your major. Because in one university subject, the references book that related to it is so many, so add your knowledge.

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