Compliance of Cordless Keyboard Logitech Y-R0002

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The latest completed of type approval certificate is about Cordless Keyboard Logitech Y-R0002 from the Logitech far east Ltd products.

I think that device almost same with the Logitech Cordless LX 300 then I have published about it before so if you want to know more about the feature or technical specification feel free to check the Logitech Cordless LX 300 features.

Cordless Keyboard Logitech Y-R0002Cordless Keyboard Logitech Y-R0002

The type approval certificate of Cordless Keyboard Logitech Y-R0002 already issued on January 9th 2009. I got this project (new partnership program) from new partner in Taiwan.

The Cordless Keyboard Logitech Y-R0002 devices are included in low power device categories then testing expense is about USD 222 for the testing purpose “one of the testing requirement” and the certificate expense is about USD 333 for certificate issuance for Customer premises equipment categories.

Operating frequency base on the testing result is 13.567 MHz – 30.0 MHz and output power is about less the 100mW. Two kinds of certificate expenses above base on PP No.28 Th 2005 Indonesia government regulation. If you have any other question regarding to obtain in type approval Indonesia feel free to contact me.

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2 comments on “Compliance of Cordless Keyboard Logitech Y-R0002

  1. Amelia Hernandez says:

    I bought a keyboard, it is not wireless but i cannot get the right side work. The numbers

  2. narmadi says:

    Sure ? check tho model or type