Corruption is a Big NO!

May 9, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

In this modern era, corruption has been rampant. This is such a pity condition, start with the very young children until adults, whether they are the state apparatus (police) or senator, they doing corruption intentionally or not.

It seems corruption becomes an ordinary thing to do. They doing corruption without a guilty feeling, in fact they seem happy and satisfied after do that such nasty thing.

Corruption is a Big NO!


Before I’m going too far to talk about corruption, what’s the definition of corruption exactly? Well, according to its word, the word is come from Latin language word, corruptio. This word has a verb, corrumpere means rotten, damaged, distorted, or bribed. So, corruption is a rotten act that will disturb the public.

Corruption Has NO Positive Side

For sure, corruption has no positive side. It has so many losses and harms so many people. Because of corruption, the supremacy of law and community service is being distracted.

For example, when we violate the traffic rules and we get caught by the police, we are not going to get a punishment if we bribe them.

That’s similar when we have to make a drive license, there are so many teenager under 17 have already got a drive license by bribing the guard. Clearly, that is so breaking the rules. It seems that law can be played by money and authority.

If we look surroundings, there are so many dormant places like school building that almost crumbling, damaged highway, slum area, and others. The question, where is the money from the government to take care of all those matters? Certainly, the money has already used by the criminal person in the government. They use it maybe to build unimportant building for their interest.

Mostly, the people who did the corruption are the intelligences person. They have a high position in an institution then they abuse their position to take benefits for themselves. But not only that, when some people want to take a higher position in some institutions with no achievement and skill, they can bribe their boss to take them to the higher position.

Money talk, skill does less.

The bureaucracy in this country is filled with the corruption. For the example, start with the election of the regional head, until they selected to be a regional head, they cannot be trusted to run the region without any corruption act from that people.

Democracy can be purchased by money and authority

The democracy is less, because the state officials prefer to pay attention for their interest than their duty. That’s why the public cannot trust the democracy again. Democracy can be purchased by money and authority. That’s sick.

And the last thing, because of corruption the economic in this country will be destroyed if we don’t destroy corruption. Rich people will become richer, and poor people will become more pathetic. Don’t do anything that related to corrupt event it’s just a little.

Example, you corrupt your parent’s money to pay your education, but you using it for your fun or you bribe your teacher or your faculty to graduate you. That’s corruption! So, the slightest you corrupt, don’t do that. It will harm your personality and the people around you.


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