Culture Shock

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Culture shock is a psychology term to describe people’s feeling who really stress, worry, and confused because they’re in different condition of culture and mores in another country. This is a common thing for people who just recently move to another country.

This is happen because they have no idea about the culture, the rules, how to talk with local people, use certain terms, and its folkways.It’s all different! And the differences will make you stress and desperate for a while.

The cultural shock symptoms are kind of like depression. They always get sad, feel alone and exiled. They become temperamental, powerless.

Culture Shock

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The Symptoms of Culture Shock

Sometimes, the symptom is getting more severe like they always angry, fed up, and don’t want to socialize with other people. They always compare the new culture with their culture in their country or they even think that their country is better than where they live.

They feel that they lost their identity, they are confidence-less make a stereotype about the new culture. If these symptoms always become severe, they will get ill like flu, diarrhea, or fever.

The psychologist said that there are 4 steps when they have culture shock.

Honeymoon Phase

First, honeymoon phase, when they have just arrived in the new country, everything is seem perfect and delight. They feel happy find a new lifestyle in new country.

Rejection Phase

Then phase of rejection, the new comer starting to deal with some little problems like transportation or shopping. In this phase, the new comer starts to complain about the little things in there. They will vilify the new country and compare with their native country start with the behavior of the people until the political system.

Conformist Phase

Conformist phase, in this phase, the comer starts to understand the new culture like moral values. 90% they have already adapted with their new condition.

Assimilation phase

Assimilation phase, they have already accepted the folkways, mores, and paradigm. They like the food, the people, and never think about the bad things of that country.

So, how to cope the culture shock?

When you have decided to get abroad, learn about your new country like its food, people, culture, and rules. Better if you take intensive language course before you go. Open minded to the new things there, prepare your self and don’t judge too quickly.

Complain about the folkways in your new country. Don’t do that. Think positive. If you always complain about everything is your country, everything you see is just gone wrong.

Improve your hobby to dispel your stress and bored feelings. Who knows if your hobby might become your part time job there, you will make money. If you miss your family and your friends, you can e-mail, chat, BBM, or SMS. Now, there’s Skype if you want to chat face to face with your family.

No need to worry. When you’re in your new place, you have to still humble and don’t forget about your own culture.

Maybe you can introduce your own culture with your friends there, maybe they will interest. You can teach them how to play Angklung for example or stuff. The important thing is don’t be afraid, you have to confidence and brave in there, because the strong one will survive.

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