D-Link DSL-526E Approvals

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Type approval certification process for D-Link DSL-526E ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router has been completed couple weeks ago. D-LinkDSL-526E already Approved by Directorate General of Resources and Equipment for Post and Information Technology the Republic of Indonesia (SDPPI).

D-Link DSL-526E imageDetail information about the ADSL-526E approvals as below:

Name of Equipment : ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router
Made in : China
Trade Mark : D-Link
Model/Type : DSL-526E
Certificate Holder : D-Link International Pte Ltd
Date of Issue : 12 August 2013
Valid Until : 12 August 2016

D-Link DSL-526E ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router connects your computer to the internet using an integrated high-speed ADSL2+ interface. It provided a NAT and SPI firewall to protect your computer from attacks over the internet, and QoA functions to prioritize important traffic for smooth online gaming, streaming movies and music, making internal phone calls and downloading files. Multiple computers can also share the high-speed internet connection using the router’s built-in DHCP server and NAT function, via an externally connected Ethernet switch, allowing you to connect every computer in your home or office.

Check out below some feature for D-Link DSL-526E :

  • Built-in ADSL2+ modem for connecting to your high-speed broadband internet connection
  • One 10/100 BASE-TX MDI/MDIX RJ-45 port to connect wired devices for high-speed online activities
  • USB 1.1 port to connect to a printer or share media on a storage devices


  • Dual-active firewall (NAT/SPI) to control traffic and prevent exploits and instructions

Easy to use

  • QoS technology
  • VPN Passthrough

Traffic Shaping

  • PVC/VLAN port mapping (bridge mode)
  • IGMP snooping 32 multicast groups

To be sure, one of the legal for Approvals holder of this D-Link DSL-526E is D-Link International Pte Ltd. If you have any other question regarding to obtain type approval certification in Indonesia do not hesitate to contact me or Dimulti team.

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