2 Types of Diabetes Mellitus

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There are some diseases that derived genetically in our genes, maybe from our grandmother or grandfather, the disease relegated to our father or mother, and then we as their child are potential too to incur it. So, we need to know about this kind of disease, so we can keep our healthy from now on.

Diabetes MellitusThere’s one kind of disease that often attacked adults or old people. The patience from this disease has to keep away from consume sugar, maybe they can consume it but it has to be exclusive sugar. The disease is Diabetes.

My grandmother is a diabetic, and then the disease was relegated to our father, so it is very possible to me to being a diabetic maybe 5 or 10 years later. So, for you the reader, it is very important to know is your father or your mother suffer this disease.

2 types of Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a disease which the patient cannot control glucose level automatically. Because, they cannot produce enough insulin, so there’s glucose abundance in their body.

There are two types of diabetes mellitus, diabetes type I (IDM/depend on insulin) and diabetes type II (NIDDM/not depend to insulin).

1. Diabetes mellitus Type I

If the patience suffers diabetes mellitus type I, their body needs insulin from the outside. This is happening because their pancreas stops to produce insulin. This type can attack children and adults. Then,

2. Diabetes mellitus type II

Diabetes mellitus type II happen if the insulin from the pancreas is not enough or fat cell and muscle are immune to insulin. This can cause disruption of the glucose transmission to the body. This type of diabetes can attack adult people.

Well, FYI, my grandmother is a patience of diabetes mellitus type II.

So, if there’s one of you are potential for suffer this disease, don’t worry and sad. We can prevent it from now on. We can change our eat pattern. We have to lessen eat some foods that contain of many sugar, protein, fat, and salt. Maybe we can consume red rice rather than white rice, because white rice is contains of so many carbohydrate, and it is dangerous for the diabetic.

Beside, eating red rice will not make us look fat. Then, try to not order sweet ice tea except if you make it by yourself and using exclusive sugar like Tropicana Slim. Don’t forget to check up every 6 months, so you will know your glucose levels and other organs conditions.

If you are positive diabetic, you should come to the doctor and follow their suggestion by discipline for your good. Diet and keep exercise like running, jogging, swimming, biking, aerobic or physical exercises for 30 minutes everyday. Don’t forget to check your glucose levels in hospital.

The conclusion from all of this, we should alert for every kind of disease. If you are not potential to become a diabetic, you should do diet and exercise too. Being a diabetic is not mean the end of our life or we live forever with the disease, but we can cure it if we wan to change our lifestyle and less consume sugar, fat, salt and carbohydrate.

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