Drugs, Stairway to Hell

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Are you drugs user? if so please read this article carefully. The most dangerous bad habit is drug abuse. Even a single session of repeated inhalant abuse can disrupt heart rhythm and cause death from cardiac arrest or lower oxygen levels. Regular abuse of inhalants can result in serous damages to vital organs including brain, heart, kidney and liver.

drugs user- stairway to hell

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Addiction is a complex disorder characterized by compulsive drug use. People who are addicted feel an overwhelming and uncontrollable need for drugs or alcohol, even in the face of negative consequences.

This self-destructive behavior can be hard to understand. Why continue doing something that’s hurting you? Why is it so hard to stop?

In fact, people take drugs just for the pleasure they believe they can bring. Often it is because someone tried to convince them that drugs can make them feel good or they would be have a better time if they took drugs.

Some teen believe that drugs can solve their problem and make them peace for a while. They don’t know the effects of drugs can harm their organs in long term.

Drugs User? => Drugs, Stairway to Hell

There are so many kinds of drugs that I know which have been misused. Opium is one of the drugs that commonly used by inhalation, this kind of drugs bring some effects for the user like rushing sensation.

Morphine used by injected it into intravenous, after use it the drugs user feels confuse and cause euphoria. Heroin used by injected it or sniff it, this kind of drugs can cause behavioral aberration from the user like cheating, lying, and other criminal.

Marijuana from cannabis sativa used by smoke it through cigar holder, this drugs can make the user feel happy, comfortable, relax but sometimes aggressive. Cocaine used by divided into parts and put it on flat board then sniff it with roll of paper, the user will feel overjoyed, jumpy, and worry.

Methamphetamine ecstasy can be like pills or crystal so used by burn it with aluminum foil, then sniff the smoke, the user will feel passionate, happy, and insomnia.

Those are kind of drugs that most of the bad people use it. Initially, drugs can make them happy, forget about their problem, turns into sedative for them, and make them feels like in heaven for a while.

But, for an entertainer like band vocalist, singer, or comedian, drugs help them to perform maximally on stage. The drugs user will feel term impact of using drugs physically, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Physically, the drugs user will lost their weight drastically, constipation, eyes look sunken, scratches and discoloration of the skin because of the injection, face getting pale. Emotionally, the drug user more sensitive and quickly bored, erratic appetite, they won’t hesitate to punch other people if they feel annoying.

Behaviorally, they will getting lazy and irresponsible, manipulative, they like to steal, don’t care with surrounding, afraid of water that’s why they haven’t take a bath for a long time, being a liar, excessive sweating, tears, and feel headache.

The worst, the drugs user are vulnerable to infected HIV. So, stay away from drugs. Distract yourself with other positive activities, if you feel like you are very stress and intimidated by your problem, don’t run away and using drugs to calm yourself but face the problem, solve it, and pray, because drug isn’t the answer.

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