E-Learning for a Better Future

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Many years ago, teaching and learning process only happen in school or formal institutions. The student has to use the uniform and black shoes to go to school. They only can study in the class and that’s very monotonous. But, as time goes by, information technology system become modern and this change has a good impact for education.

E-Learning for a Better Future

In ancient time, the children have to cross the river, through the forest, and they take so many risks to go to school, because the distance of their school and their house is far enough.

Some children take a walk for more than 1 km, some children have to swim before go to school, and other pity condition. So, I suggest the government to socialize and develop the e-learning for the people who need it.

E-Learning for a Better Future

E-learning for the first time was introduced by Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign in 1990. The materials are writing and videos. With this system, the student can study everywhere whenever they want without worrying about the time or the distance.

As its development, the first materials are writing and videos change into multimedia, video streaming, until interactive activities that usually the student do in formal school like quiz or games. Social networking also can use to interaction with the teachers.

In Indonesia, many schools have already started this system, they have e-learning program. Open University is one of the institutions that use e-learning to its education.

If we choose e-learning for our education, time and cost is more efficient. You can study whenever and wherever you want but in one condition, there’s an internet access. There’s so many young entertainer like Asmirandah who choose e-learning to her education, because she’s busy with her shooting schedule but she don’t want to leave her education, so she choose e-learning to continue her education.

So, if you’re an employee or entrepreneur who want to continue your degree in education, e-learning is an option, so you still can continue your career and your education.

You won’t get bored because the varieties of materials information plus you are definitely free to choose your study time, your responsibility and confidence will be trained because the teacher isn’t control you. You need to discipline and responsibility, because if you are lazy, you will miss so many materials.

E-Learning: Good and Weakness

E-learning is very good, but there’s a weakness of this learning system. Your interaction with the people is less. There’s no competition, so you maybe less motivated because you have no friends to compete for.

You need to have a high quality internet connection and super speedy, because if your internet is slowing down, you can’t finish the homework or the task quickly. There’s a subject that difficult to realize in e-learning system like physical education or dance education.

Then, the governments have to give attention of the education in remote areas in other province. The student in there cannot access e-learning system because they don’t have a computer and internet access.

That’s pitiful, because the student there need e-learning system to help them because if they have to go to school, the schools are very far and few in number. So, socialize e-learning for the people who need it, because e-learning for a better future of education.

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