Electronic Things: Life is more simply and easy with

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Electronic ThingsElectronic Things make our life is more simply and easy. So many concrete things that turn into electronic form in this modern era. Like ordinary letter or snail mail that use post office service.

But from 2000 era, there’s Yahoo to help us to send our letter faster than usual. Now we call it e-mail or electronic mail.

The plus of e-mail is we can write down the letter in computer and click send. It’s so fast and simple. Then, you are saving. You save the paper that usually you use to write the letter, and you save the money to pay post office service.

You can send e-mail wherever and whenever you want as long as the connection of the internet is still connected. But, there’s a minus by using an e-mail.

Surely, we cannot send a package via e-mail. You depend on connection of the internet to send an e-mail. The e-mail that you accepted can be a virus to your computer.

Electronic Things

amazon kindle dx ebook readerWhen the time of final test is coming, usually you have to bring your books anywhere to study. And I’m sure that really make you difficult and heavy to bring so many books.

That’s why there’s e-book, there are so many formats of e-book like PDF. When you use e-book, you can bring hundred of books in one bag, you don’t need to worry because your book will never get old.

But when we read book through e-book reader, our eyes will getting more tired than we read usual book.

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Electronic Things: Life is more simply and easy with

If we want to book a plane ticket, we don’t need to queue in the airport, we just need to open the website and book it. The advantages of use e-ticket are we can check and compare the price with another airlines company, the efficiency of e-ticket possibly to make the company cut the price.

If we lost our e-ticket, we can re-print our transactions. But if we don’t careful, we can make some mistake if you don’t quite understand about the system. So, before you use it, you have to learn about the online system so there’s no an error message.

Have you ever find it difficult when you have to pay tolls and you have to reach into your pocket and looking for a small change? That’s why Mandiri Bank publish e-toll card. E-toll card is use to change the cash to pay tolls. You can buy the SIM card in Mandiri Bank and certain toll booths.

E-toll card will make the toll queue faster than before use e-toll, it can be used to buy fuel in certain gas stations. But there’s a weakness if the people do not quite understand about the use, it will make long queue in toll booth.

Next, e-banking will make the customer transact and control banking activities without go to the bank. Because this is a secure system, to sign up for e-banking, the customer should go to the bank.

E-banking is easy and simple because we don’t have to queue in a bank or ATM except we want to have cash. It is very safe, because the layered secure in web or in computer system. But you have to responsible for your risk if you don’t careful to save the password.

So, life is more simple and easy with e-lectronic things around us, isn’t it?

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