4 Dangerous Content of Electronic Waste (gadget)

June 17, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Turns out that the trash in earth isn’t come from the household waste, but from electronic too! I won’t suggest you to not buy new gadget for doing a green action, but the often you buy the new gadget and throw the old one into garbage or even you sell it, you still increase the amount of E-Waste (Electronic Waste).

E-Waste or Electronic Waste or WEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a broken electronic equipment and boring gadget that people throw and become a buried garbage. It seems electronic waste is worthless and unimportant, but e-waste can contaminate our environment.

More Detail About Electronic Waste

Electronic WasteThe component of the gadget like monitor, mouse, mp3 player, until watch contain of materials that cannot be thrown impulsively because it will harm our health and environment. This materials can poisoning the soil and spread toxic heavy metals.

PCB or Polychlorinated biphenyl is a poison material in every gadget that you have now. You can find the content of PCB in anti-water material because PCB difficult to dissolves in water.

In 1973, England banned every product that contain of PCB because it has already detected can harm human healthy and environment in a long term. Human can suffer chloracne (acnes cause by chlorine), cancer, liver disorder, and for the fetus can cause short term memory.

Knowing of Dangerous Content of Electronic Waste (gadget)

PVC or Polyvinyl chloride or plastic is getting dangerous because the materials like phthalates that make the plastic flexible can cause liver and feminization baby boy or boy diminution genital. That’s why the tor made from China is forbid to circulate, beside of the timbale, the other materials are less controlled. In a long term, PVC can cause cancer, fetus disorder, bronchitis, or even deaf.

BFR or Brominated Flame Retardants is useful for anti-burn, so your gadget will not easily burn and the component inside are protected. But you should know that BFR is dangerous for healthy and claimed by Green Peace that BFR isn’t friendly with environment.

Mercury, or the cool name is Quicksilver is the material of battery. Battery in Indonesia is using mercury, so is the patch in your teeth. Normal mercury level in your body is about 8 microgram per liter. This element will easily smelled and dissolved in our blood. If the amount of mercury in our body is excessive we could be hallucination, insomnia, or even lungs disorder.

Beryllium is a good electrode material to lead the electricity in your gadget. But in a long term, if the beryllium is thrown without any good process, it will cause some healthy disorders like lungs cancer for the worst effects.

Knowing about the dangerous contents of the gadget that we use everyday, better if we less our hobby to throw away our gadget and buy the new one, because, it will disturb the balancing of environment. PBB counts that 150 thousands tons of e-waste a year produced by the advanced country, and usually e-waste from America thrown to the Asian country include Indonesia.

So, I think I know why so many people said that the technology start with the computer until transportation that we have is a waste from superpower country.

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