Failure, First Step to Success

June 13, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

‘When you try your best but you don’t succeed.’ yea, that’s lyric from Fix You by Coldplay, you better hear it when you lose something that you always expected. That song will heat your spirit again. Okay, that’s just an intermezzo. The point is, we as an ordinary human not always win everything in the competition.

We might be lost for once, twice, or maybe there’s someone out there that always lose and never win, but don’t give up. Wise man said that failure is a start for a success, but the real is going a through a ‘failure time’ is a hard time ever. We need courage and sacrifice to face it.

Failure, First Step to Success

failure is step to success

I think failure is important for our track record because it will make us stronger than before. You can learn from the failure. Maybe all this time you always get what you wanted, you always win everything, every competition, and every right, but before you ever fail, you are not strong.

Because life is a wheel, there’s a time where you were in the top, and maybe now you are in down of the world. Learn about being disappointed of something is kind of important too to your strength, because life isn’t always like you wanted.

Failure makes you lost something like hope, opportunity, or love. But the ‘lost’ feeling will make you more intensive to keep what you already had. Try to always thankful for what you already have right now. When you feel so failed because you just got B in your test, just be thankful of it, there’s few of your friends haven’t got B in their test because their inability.

You will know about yourself more. Failure makes you introspection yourself, what makes you fail, and the reason. So, you will know what your lacks are, and how to fix that and make you to be a better person. You always get D in Math, and never passed the test with the great score, well maybe you are not good in math, but you’re good in literature, who knows. If you failed in every exam, that’s not show that you are stupid, it proves that you have to explore your ability in other major deeply.

Failure is a pending success. Believe it or not, I hope it will be encourage to you to not stop trying and fighting. If you cannot pass in Invited SNMPTN, well try in writing test, if you failed again, try in another selection test and don’t give up.

I know that failure will make you down and sad. If you want to cry, shout, angry, and disappointed of yourself, well just do it, but don’t do it too long, because you have to fight again. Don’t trauma because of the failure in your first step, throw away your fear of failed in the test! Believe that you can do better than yesterday, prepare maximally.

Make sure that this time you have to success, make a better result, but don’t expect too high of something, because if you fall is going to be hurt. So, just try, do the best, and let God do the rest.

Make goal, set the bar higher in order to make you study hard and work hard, I believe it would be worth it. But, if you still failed, chin up, and believe that if one door close, another door will open.

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