Fight The Laziness

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Fight The Laziness: I think everybody have one Frenemy (Friend and Enemy) in their life. It is very close to them, sometimes they cannot avoid it, it will make them happy and relax but there’s a negative effect if they always follow it commands.

So what is it? Is it a drug or alcohol? Nope. That’s everybody’s disease, LAZY disorder. Every time we want to do our homework, clean up our room, or even eating (well, there’s so many teenager out there tweet like, ‘Lazy to eat.’) we always so lazy to do that.

Because of this kind of disorder, we always say, ‘Later’ to our duty, so our duty will pile up and we can’t handle it. There are so many kinds of factors that make us lazy to do and I believe all of you already understood the reason why so many people are getting lazy.

3 Ways to Fight Laziness.

Now, I want to tell you about the 3 ways to fight laziness. I hope it will help you to cure your laziness in maximal level.

Fight The Laziness

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First, you have to motivate yourself in order to not lazy anymore. Maybe you can get the motivation from the other person too like your parents, your sister, your brother, or your lover to motivate you when you need it.

For example, you are the person who lazy to study, so you can’t be a champion. With a help of your parents, they can motivating you to study well and believe in yourself that you can be a champion. Well, I think with motivation from yourself or the person that you love, you can change your bad habit and avoid the laziness.

When you starting to become lazy again, you will remember the person that believe in you and trust you to do it and be a champion. Immediately, you throw away your laziness and start to study or work hard again.

Second, you have the will. The strong will to avoid the laziness and make your time more useful than you just sitting in front of TV for whole day and do nothing or in another words you are being useless.

For example, maybe not everyone born to be rich, there are some people born to survive because they live in deprivation. For the people like this, they must have a strong will to change their life with good efforts and hard work. They have to change their life to be better.

Usually, the people who have strong will like this will success and become great men like Dahlan Iskan, Andrea Hirata, and others.

The last thing to avoid the laziness is when you have a deadline tomorrow morning and you haven’t finish your duty, well it can be ascertain that you will not lazy anymore, you will finish the duty in one day.

Because you are too scared to face your boss or your teacher if you don’t finish your duty, then you will fight the laziness and finish the homework.

That is right, isn’t it?

So, try to be not lazy anymore. Lazy is such a dangerous habit inside the person. Beside, there are no benefits if you lazy. Fight the laziness to your brighter future!

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