Find The True Meaning of Work

October 1, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

meaning of workWhat’s your definition of working? Some people consider that working is an activity to make money, so they can pay their rent and stuff. Without have any jobs to work for, they can’t make money, so they’re definitely will dead.

That’s a false definition of working, but people’s mindset about the meaning of work will never change. So, that’s why so many people hate Monday, because that’s a first day to work after the weekend holiday.

The conclusion of the statement above is, they hate to work and they feel exhausted because they can’t enjoy every minute when they work or find the true meaning of working.

That’s why so many people feel stress and exhausting when they work. They don’t enjoy that. They forced themselves to work because they need to make money, they can’t even know the goals or the purpose they want to reach in working beside money.

Find The True Meaning of Work

If you don’t love your job and always do the rest of duties in office without loving it, then what’s the difference between you and the robot? You work in the office without passion, it’s like you walk in the street without a soul and purpose, and I know the feel. It’s terrible. So, for you, Readers ask yourself, what’s the meaning of work for you?

Beside earn much moneys, the meaning of working can be varieties. Maybe you working hard just for your status in the office or in front of your family, you die to be a manager because you want to make your family proud. So your priority in working is your status, the money is the second priority.

Beside work just for status in the office, there are some people who work because they looking for a satisfaction and happiness. Usually, this kind of person doesn’t think about how much money that they can get, but the happiness while they working.

In order to develop and train their potential to be better everyday can also be the meaning of work. It depends on someone’s point of view. But, maybe just few persons who want to work because they realize they just want to develop their skills, and think money is just the bonus, the rest is usual people who work only for the money.

Well, Readers, you might keep asking, ‘What’s the benefit if I can find the meaning of work for myself?’

First, if you can explain the meaning of working beside money you can go with your life happily and enjoy your day without the pressure of your job because you’d love to working. Your life is fulfill and perfect because every time you go to the office, you never feel bored and tired but spirit.

You had a bunch of projects in your mind and ready to realize it. Because, the meaning of work for you to produce some creativities and give a new innovation.

If we know about the true meaning of work, so we will know about our carrier goals with better preparation, and know how to realize it. Generally, if we think work just for the money, automatically we feel satisfied enough and never want to do some more challenging stuff to make our carrier better.

Well, that’s why for now you have to start realize what’s the meaning of work for you? Is that all about the money?

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