Food Combining : Very Wrong Way of Diet ?

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Food Combining : Every woman wants to be skinnier for sure, even they’ve already slimmed. Their mindset about beauty is also depends on weight and body shape. So, they are dying to be as slim as they can, they did all the way to lose their weight or keep their weight still ideal.

Because of their ambition to be slim like Korean girl artist, they willing to not having lunch or dinner in order to realize their body dream. That is a very wrong way of diet. So, that’s why there’s so many woman fainted or suffer anorexic, because they don’t really understand about the right way of diet.

Food Combining

Diet is not only about cut down the portion of your lunch or not having dinner, diet is about applying the way of healthy life not shortening your nutrition. So, that’s why you, Readers should know about food combining.

Food combining is a term that used to visualize nutrition practice that separated protein and carbohydrate while we eat. This way is very good to help our digestion system to absorb the protein or carbohydrate easily. Because the fact is, proteins like fish, egg, or meat and carbohydrate like rice, bread, or pasta have different absorb process in our digestive system.

Beside that, food combining also makes our immune system stronger and the organ function become prima. Simply, there are 3 unsure of food, protein, essence, and vegetable. For the food combining concept, don’t you ever eat essence and protein all together. Choose essence with vegetable or protein with vegetable.

food combining

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Don’t you get what I mean? Still confuse with the concept of food combining? Okay, let me break it up for you, don’t you ever eat essence and protein all together means you can’t eat rice with fried chicken (for example), because your body will not easy to absorb the enzyme inside of rice and fried chicken. If you eat rice, better eat it with vegetables. It also holds for meat, fish, and other protein food.

For your breakfast, I suggest you to consume fruits only. Because in the morning from 4 am to 12 pm is a stage of our body to throw away the unneeded element in the body.

So, better if you don’t eat any of the heavy food like rice or bread, because it just makes your throwing stage is not maximal and make you feel sleepy during your activity.

So, for you, Readers who often feel sleepy while in office or campus, now you knew the reason, right?

Besides throwing unneeded elements stage in our body, there are also two steps again of metabolism system. There’s digestion process from 12 pm until 8 pm, so in that stage, eat your lunch and dinner while your body digest the nutrition from your food. Then for the last, there’s absorption process from 8 pm until 4 am, in this process the nutrition of the food is absorbed.

So, the eating pattern of food combining, for the first is fruits and vegetables, all sorts of side dishes, and milk like yoghurt or fresh milk. So every time you open your eyes, I mean woke up, drink mineral water and lime water.

In the morning, eat fruits you can also add plain yoghurt. For the lunch, vegetables with protein like meat or chicken, you can eat mix salad. For the evening snack, you can eat fruits or vegetables. And last, for the dinner, rice with vegetal food plus vegetables.

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