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music communitiesPeople love music and so do I. Music is kind a way to communicate with other people in the world. There are so many music communities in this world filled by any kind of people from different country, they knew each other and have a lot of friends because they have a same taste of music.

Then, music is a good thing for education, social campaign, even medication.

Music is useful to relaxing our brain, so we could think clearly. Music has so many advantages beside its disadvantages.

Everybody love music including our president, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has already written so many songs, that shows the world even president loves music too.

Here are the Music Communities from Classic to Pop

The very first music genre was born before 20 century, and that’s called Classic. Classic music grew as a community tradition in Europe. To play this kind of music, the musicians has to be able to read music notation, because this music is kind a difficult if they learn it by its sound.

Therefore, the classic musicians not only expert for playing the instrument, but they have to know about music theory and music composition.

The very legendary classic musician in the world before 20 century, there are Mozart and Beethoven. For this era, there is Andrea Bocelli and his masterpiece song like The Prayer.

Then, there are blues music grown from the African cotton field’s slave tradition in 20 century at America. They do love singing while they are working in the field. Blues song lyric is an expression from the musician’s emotion when they were feeling blue.

So, that’s why they call the music Blues, because usually they make the music when they were feeling sad or blue. Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix are cool blues musicians. In Indonesia, there is Gugun and The Blues Shelter for a good blues musician.

Jazz music is arise by blues music and grown in Afro-American people in America big cities. Jazz music grew in 20 century. The different between Jazz and Blues, jazz music is more unpredictable and has encourages of improvisation.

Base instruments of jazz are brass, reed, and drums. Jamiroquai, Al Jarreau with his masterpiece Spain, and Frank Sinatra are the best jazz musicians for me.

R&B (Rhythm & Blues) is a name that used by the Billboard Magazine in 1940 era to replace Race Music as a name that maybe offense the Afro-American.

R&B is a contemporary music that hits in the Afro-American pop musician. Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles are the success R&B musicians in their era.

R&B (Rhythm & Blues)

Pop music was born in the middle of 1950. Pop music is an ear catching music and produce following the music trend. Usually, pop music will success commercially if the singer is cool, fashionable, dance-able.

It doesn’t matter whether they can create music or not because there will always a producer behind that will help them. Image of the singer is important beside their music, because it will take a benefit from it.

The best pop musicians for me are Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles.

Britney SpearsWhat is your music communities ?


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