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Nowadays, most of the people didn’t want to juice the real fruits in blender because they’re too busy. yup “Fruit and Veggie” They prefer fruit juice in the packaging, because it’s simple, easy, and cheap. But, is that healthy? Now, in the market, there is more than one kind of juice in packaging.

Fruits juice in packaging is more delicious rather than we make it of our own. But, the content of the fiber in juice packaging is much less compared with if we make our natural juice, because the nutrition in fruit juice is equal to the real fruits.

Most of the juice packaging is contains of food coloring in order to give the bright color in juice so it could be similar with the color of the real one. The food color in juice can make irritation of the throat and indigestion. So now, as possible as you can, spare a time to make natural juice from fruits and vegetable.

Fruit and Veggie

Fruit and Veggie

Fruits and vegetables are the food source to get a complete nutrient and good to our body. Fiber in fruits can facilitate defecation, give antibody to prevent diseases and slow the aging. Fiber will dissolve and absorb bile. The shrinkage of the bile acid will push our body to take the cholesterol in the body.

Fruits and vegetables are contains of vitamin as an antioxidant. Antioxidant will tie up and destroy free radicals, then can protect our body from oxidative reaction that produce poisons like pollution, UV light, smoke, and drugs.

If we’re on diet, drink fruits and vegetables juice is the right choice to replace our snacks or breakfast. Because, fruit and veggie juice make us full without any fat.

The best way to consume fruit and vegetables is in the raw condition, because the nutrient content is still complete and good. But, I know there’s a few people do not like to eat fruit and veggie in raw condition like children and teenager.

So, try to make it into juice. Beside, it contains of nutrient like carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, and mineral, the nutrient will easily absorb in our digestive system. If we consume fruit and veggie juice everyday, we’ll always fit and rarely ill.

Try to consume different food and veggie everyday in order to make you not easily bored with the fruit and veggie, because every single fruit and veggie have different benefits so it’s better if the nutrient in all of the fruits and veggie enter your body. You can treatment through fruit and veggie juice too, need 3 months to drink 8 glasses of juice everyday, to prevent enough with 3 glasses a day.

Better if we drink juice in the middle of the day or afternoon from 12 pm until 8 pm, because in this time our gastric will accept food intake then it will absorb juice well at 8 pm until 4 am. The left juice and poisons are excreted in the feces after 4 am in the morning.

See, how healthy those fruits and veggies juice are. So, get juice now!

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