2 Kinds of Carbohydrate Definition

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As I said in my last posted Look Skinnier and Happier* that all the food contains of carbohydrate is dangerous for us if we want to prevent fat and stay skinny. But, I think we need to get closer to carbohydrate and understand about it. Start with determine the meaning of carbohydrate.

Get Closer to Carbohydrate

Get Closer to CarbohydrateLike a machine, our body needs a fuel or energy to operation. Carbohydrate is a main fuel to our body, the glucose in carbohydrate used for the first time to give energy to our body. But, when our body doesn’t need energy, carbohydrate will save in liver and muscle net, it called glycogen. When liver and muscle net can’t save the glycogen anymore, it will change into fat.

Glycogen will change into fat, if the body doesn’t use it as energy. Carbohydrate rich of fiber and less calorie, it just contains of 4 calorie per gram, but fat contain of 9 calorie per gram. Actually, there are 2 types of carbohydrates which have different benefits. (Carbohydrate definition) Unfortunately, we just know about the other one carbohydrate and we claimed it as an enemy that will make us fat.

First carbohydrate is High GI or medium carbohydrate.

It called medium sugar contains of fructose, lactose, and sucrose. Usually, this kind of carbohydrate easily found in bread, milk, juice, sugar, and soda. Because of the structure is very ordinary, this kind of carbohydrate will easily loose and used for energy in the body, so it will make us often hungry. Too much eat this kind of carbohydrate can cause obesity, diabetic, even heart disease. So, this kind of carbohydrate is bad.

Second carbohydrate is Low GI or complex carbohydrate.

Complex carbohydrate contains of fiber, so in order to loose it, it will needs more time to change it into energy. So, after we eat food contains of complex carbohydrate, we won’t easily get hungry. The foods contain of this kind of carbohydrate are vegetables, pasta, wheat bread, peanuts, red rice, tuber, and corn. This kind of carbohydrate is a good carbohydrate.

We usually think that carbohydrate is very dangerous and make us fat. We choose to not consume it for skinny’s sake and lose some weight. But, not consume carbohydrate is very dangerous too, if our body lack of carbohydrate, we will get exhausted and tired.

Our body starts to burn fat to become energy. Well, we did lose our weight but we will easily get sick, because we’re too tired and weak. Lack of carbohydrate can make our brain isn’t work well like difficult to think and concentration.

To lose weight, we can stay healthy with still consume carbohydrate but we have to choose it with a good portion and right like consume vegetables or wheat bread. Ideal portion to consume carbohydrate is 60-100 gram a day and 55-75% of it has to come from complex carbohydrate and maximal 10% from low GI.

If everyday we keep the portion of carbohydrate like that, we can stay healthy and skinny without worrying about effect of the carbohydrate. I though our article about Get Closer to Carbohydrate is enough 🙂 what do you think?

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