Get The Claim Easier : Car Insurance Tips

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claim easierGet The Claim Easier : Do you ever imagine if you don’t use insurance like car insurance? If there any crash mark in your car body or maybe your engine car is damaged or even your car is being robbed I’m sure it could be a big problem if you don’t use insurance for your car.

Because, if you don’t use it, your cost to repair, service, or even replace your lost car will be more expensive than pay the insurance for it.

But the problem is, sometimes the insurance claim is very complicated and trough a long step.

There are so many procedures that you should through and wasting time, beside, there’s also a possibility that your claim will be declined because so many reasons fro the insurance company.

Get The Claim Easier : Car Insurance

So here’s the important tip to make your vehicle insurance claim easier than ever:

  1. If your car’s been in an accident, go report it right away to the police when the accident is happen, don’t wait too long. In the police station, you should ask for the identifying card because the identifying card from the police is very important to be evidence and help you for claim.
  2. After you report it to the police, as soon as you can you should report it too to the insurance people because the accident report or stolen report has to be reported for maximum 3×24 hours via phone, SMS, or online with fulfill the claim form completely. So, save your insurance company’s branch phone number in your cell phone.
  3. When the car accident is happen, don’t just debate with your car’s hitter. Better if you take a picture of your car’s damage. Make sure that the picture is as real as the accident happens, it will explain the position and the accident process through that picture. The picture will be the original evidence which make the insurance people believe and make you easy to give a report when interview.
  4. It turns out it’s not only your car have to be checked, but the other car’s which involve in the accident should be checked too. So, when the execution in the field start, the insurance people will know which side should take the responsibility ‘cause of the accident, if necessary you can save the phone number of the witness there so if there any problem of the evidence, they can also give the testimony.
  5. There are some important documents that you should be completed when the claim process. There is claim form, copies of drive license and STNK bearable, copies of drive license and vehicle registration certificate from the third person, demand card from the third person, police identifying card, and estimation from your garage business partner. Not only that, there’s also location survey report and interview, then vehicle registration certificate blocked card. You should prepare all of that for the process.

After you complete all the reports and cards for the claim process but your claim’s still declined and you feel that the insurance company treated you unfair, don’t give up and try to looking for a reason why your claim being declined over again and asking for a written statement from your insurance company or maybe you can talk about it with the insurance person.

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