Global Positioning System NEXIS/MX1

June 15, 2011 | By archives | Filed in: Blogging., Type approval certification of iVolve Pty Ltd for Global Positioning System NEXIS/MX1 has been completed: GPS NEXIS/MX1 already Approved by Directorate General of Resources and Equipment for Post and Information Technology the Republic of Indonesia (SDPPI).
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Detail information about the approval of this NEXIS/MX1 as below:

Name of Equipment : GPS (global Positioning System)
Made in : Australia
Trade Mark : NEXIS
Model/Type : MX1
Certificate Holder : iVolve Pty Ltd
Date of Issue : 13 May 2011
Valid Until : 13 May 2014

Check it out below the product information about the Global Positioning System NEXIS/MX1:

Nexis, designed for the harsh industrial environment is a 3rd generation, powerful and secure mobile wireless platform with mesh capabilities. Based on open standard technology, the Nexis platform integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure or, where no infrastructure exists, can also provide high-speed backbone links.

Unlike other wireless solutions in the market today, the Nexis intelligent networking platform has been developed with a focus on mobile applications rather than from a commercial, fixed access point perspective. This is particularly important for markets such as the mining, construction, and transport industries where real-time mobile data transfer is crucial to the day to day operation and corporate reporting functions.

The Nexis range can also extend beyond wireless mobility to provide for fixed wireless infrastructure requirements.

Nexis is designed specifically for the requirements of the harsh operating environments present in heavy machinery and areas with high electromagnetic interference such as smelters and refineries.

Nexis supports a wide range of wireless network architectures, and can operate as a WiFi client / router / firewall, Wireless Bridge, Access Point and Mesh Router. As such it is ideally suited to provide the gateway between a site’s wireless communications infrastructure and a wide variety of industrial process control systems and components.

NEXIS/MX1Features (GPS) Global Positioning System NEXIS/MX1

The following features are provided:

  • Wireless LAN radio supporting 802.11bg (2.4GHz) with antenna diversity and up to 300mW transmit power.
  • Full support for all WLAN (WEP and WPA) security algorithms ensure the highest levels of security are available.
  • Optional integrated GPS, supporting either Low or High Precision as well a Glonass. The platform also supports IP-based GPS corrections (with priority delivery via native mesh support) or other RF-based corrections (eg. via VHF/UHF radio) to achieve accuracies as high as 20mm. Support for GPS augmentation systems (eg. Novariant, Locata, etc) is also available.
  • Interfaces with other industrial devices via RS232, RS485, Ethernet and Digital I/O. External I/O modules are also supported.
  • Powerful packet level firewall supporting NAT/PAT, packet inspection, and dynamic control via one of the available Digital Inputs
  • Support for Nexis PAMS suite of solutions providing load management, a state of the art personnel tracking, man-down monitoring and proximity detection solution.

For sure that the certificate holder for the NEXIS/MX1 is iVolve Pty Ltd, If you are interesting for using this kinds of products you could contact me or visit their official website for more detail information.

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