Golden Ways to Concentration

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Golden Ways to Concentration: Sometimes, most of the students in school or college even employee cannot concentrate enough during work or study. Like it’s so hard to focus on something that we should work for.

For the student in school or college, they can’t concentrate while class started, moreover the lecturer is boring and the weather is hot, all they do is daydreaming and wait until the class is over. So does employee, when they doing a project, sometimes they cannot concentration to think some idea and the plan. So, how to increase our concentration?

Golden Ways to Concentration

golden ways ConcentrationIt turns out, the concentration depends on the activity that we do. For increasing the concentration especially in the morning, we must have breakfast, because if we don’t have breakfast in the morning, then we are going to rapidly fatigue and so hard to concentrate. So don’t forget to have breakfast in the morning before start your day!

Enough sleep can help our body cell to recover and repair process in brain cells.

So we must sleep at least 7 hours a day in order to give a good benefit for our concentration.Beside, after we woke up from the 7 hours sleep, we’ll feel fresh and have more spirit to through the day.

Many people think that playing video games is a bad thing to do. Whereas, if we playing the video properly it will bring a positive effect. When we play the adventure video games, then our speed of thinking will increase, then when we playing a puzzle game, we can increase our accuracy of thinking.

So, the positive effect after we play the video games, our speed and accuracy of thinking will increase, and surely we can be more focus.

Before, you get to class or starting your work, better if you chewing bubble gum first. The research shows that by chewing a bubble gum will boost our brain and increase our thinking process. Proved by the students who chew bubble gum couple minutes before the examination is start, they can answer the test faster than the student who didn’t chew bubble gum.

If you love to listening classic music, this activity can help you more focus and concentration. Because classic music can increase the brain function and human’s intelligence optimally, so if you want to be more concentrate, try to listen to classic music while you study or work. I hope it works out!

Stable concentration needs to be supported by our food. Better if we have egg in breakfast, because all the nutrition that our body needs is in an egg. Fish is good to help us to increase our cognitive brain function, even if we consume fish routinely, we can avoid Alzheimer disorder.

The good fish to our brain to be healthy is salmon, tuna, and haring. Beside consume fish and egg, we should consume green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, bean, and cabbage to increase our memory and concentration, because, these vegetables consist of vitamin B6, B12, and folate to prevent forgetfulness.

Chocolate and popcorn are also good snacks to increase our concentration. Chocolate consists of antioxidant which is help us to be more focus and concentration. Popcorn without salt or sugar can make our brain power increase and memory to still focus, because popcorn consists of vitamin B6, B12, and E.

Yes, that’s the real golden ways and it’s pretty simple to be more focus and concentration. Bonne chance!

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