Gong Xi Fat Choi! – Happy Chinese New Year!

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Gong Xi Fat Choi! It means Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese new year is the most important day for chinese people, it also known as Spring Festival. Outside the mainland of China, Chinese New Year known as Lunar New Year. Lunar means Month Calendar, and it celebrated from 1st until 15th day in a 1st month according to the chinese lunar calendar.

Chinese lunar calendar has a different way in making a calendar, because it combines the calculation of sun, moon, 2 energies of yin-yang, zodiac astrology, 24 seasons, and 5 unsures. Because 1/5 of tellurian is Chinese people, so chinese new year is celebrated in a place where chinese people lives, including Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, and Japan.

There was a history before the existence of chinese new year. Before Qin Dinasty, date of the beginning of a year was still unclear. There was a possibility if the beginning of a year started in the 1st month in Xia Dynasty, 12th month in Shang Dynasty, and 11th month in Zhou Dynasty in China.

The first emperor in China, Qin Shi Huang changed and decided that Chinese year started in 10th month in 221 BC. But, when 104 BC, Han Dynasty decided that the 1st month as a beginning of new year since now.

Gong Xi Fat Choi 2013

Calculation system of Chinese calendar using elements or any factors which combined comprehensively like sun, moon, zodiac, seasons, 5 unsures and energies. Chinese calendar has day, month, year system 12 years period and 60 years period. 60 years period is a combination of 3 factors, 12 zodiac, 5 unsures, and 2 energies, it means that it’s just a year in 60 years that chinese calendar has same zodiac, unsure, and energy.

For example, Mouse Year with fire unsure in 1936 will be back in 1996. Because of its complexity and really comprehensive, chinese calendar is the best system of calendar ‘cause it’s very complete and harmonize if we compare with another kind of calendar in the world.

You may have wondered why every chinese new year the decoration is always red. Based on the myth and the legend about it, chinese new year was celebrated when chinese people successfully took down the myth big monster called Nian, it means ‘year’ in chinese. Nian always showed up in a first day of new year, and it always preyed the livestock, and even ate children.

To be safe from Nian, chinese people putted some foods in front of their door, because they believe that Nian would go after took a food from them. But one day, Nian running scared because Nian saw the children wore red costume. Since that moment, when the chinese new year will come, the people decorate their house with red colour like the gordyn and stuff.

Lunar New Year is a moment when all the family be together to celebrate it, start freshly in new year, new hope for more prosperity in life. Gong Xi Fat Choi is mandarin language of saying happy chinese new year. For the children, they will say Gong Xi Fat Choi Ang Pao Na Lai, it means happy chinese new year, give me angpao.

Ang pao is like a gift or money to the children, it’s like a tradition since a long time ago. Now the old of chinese calendar is 26 centuries, 6 centuries older than BC calendar.

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