Happy World No Tobacco Day!

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Today, May 31, 2012 is World No Tobacco Day. But, I think the smokers still smoke the tobacco ignoring this ‘holy’ day. At the streets, office, smoking room, the people still smoke, there’s no different with the other day. If you want to know the historical of World No Tobacco Day, please go and compare on wiki.

It’s very difficult to stop people puff their tobacco, for the people who addicted to cigarettes, cigarette’s like their second food beside rice or bread.

Happy World No Tobacco Day

Happy World No Tobacco Day!

Whereas, some smokers already know about the dangers of smoking, but they don’t mind about the negative effects that may harm other people or their child! So, to make everyday No Tobacco day is just only in our dream, to realize it I think it is impossible, well although wise men says that nothing is impossible, but cigarette is.

So, let the smoker think after they read this fact.

The fact that cigarette contains of toxic and danger substances. Every single lit cigarette contain of more than 4000 toxic chemicals, there are radioactive material, acetone (the materials that used in paint), ammonia (used for cleaning floor), DDT (insect poison), arsenic, hydrogen cyanide (used for death chamber to execution), and another killer chemicals. The most dangerous of the chemicals inside cigarettes are Tar, Nicotine, and Carbon Monoxide.

Tar consists of 43 chemicals that may cause carcinogen. Carcinogen is a substance that may cause cancer! About 60 chemicals inside cigarettes may cause cancer. Benzene contained in pesticides and gasoline, cigarettes smoke contain of high level of benzene.

Pesticides that usually used to kill pest will inhaled into our lungs through its smoke. Formaldehyde is a chemical that used to preserve dead body, and that chemical is inside the cigarette that may cause eye irritation, throat irritation, and nasal irritation.

Nicotine, this chemical will poisoned our body nervous, increasing blood pressure, may cause constriction of peripheral blood vessel, make addictions and dependence for the smoker to cigarettes. Another dangerous chemical is carbon monoxide.

I think you already know about this one, carbon monoxide is a chemical that usually coming out from the motor exhaust. No need to tell you, that’s a very bad thing to your lungs and your hemoglobin. Once, my teacher said that the smoker doesn’t need to buy cigarette to smoke it, they can smoke the motor exhaust for free.


Because she thinks that the content in cigarettes and motor exhaust is alike. So, why don’t they just smoke their own motor exhaust instead of waste some money to buy cigarettes.

Smoking will cause heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and other creepy effects. So, try to stop smoking before it’s too late. Take therapy to help you to not smoking anymore. I know it’s hard and take a long time to get you out from that thing, but at least you try to save the second-hand smoke because this year more than 600 thousands people died because they smell the cigarette smoke.

But don’t ever think about to being a smoker because being a second-hand smoke is more dangerous. Both are dangerous. So, for the smoker, stop to smoking, save your money to buy some useful things instead of buy cigarettes, for the second-hand smoke, stay away from the cigarettes smoke.

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