Having a Frugal Meal in Restaurants

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Having a Frugal Meal in Restaurants: If you are the kind of person who’d like to make a reservation in restaurants too often, and then you worry about it because it makes you such an extravagant person, well you don’t need to worry, because I will give you the tips to having lunch or dinner in restaurant without wasting your money too much.

So, you can keep your hobby to having your meal outside your house without thinking about your financial condition.

Having a Frugal Meal in Restaurants


eat well spend less

Usually, when the new restaurant opens, they give some discounts to attract so many visitors like discount 30% to all the menus in Monday or buy 1 get free ice cream, well it’s pretty interesting, right? You can use the discounts or the promo to save your money.

Beside the promo or discount offered by the restaurant itself, there are some restaurants cooperate with certain credit card to give you a special price for the menu. If you don’t have any credit cards, you can use or lend credit card from one of your friends.

There are so many Chinese, Korean, and Taiwan restaurants served the menu that can be dined by more than one person or it called middle menu. You can also use this for being economical. You can ask your friend to share the menu and also share the payment.

More friends you ask, more menus that you can taste, so you will get two advantages by using this tip. First, you can save the money. Second, you can taste the various menus.

As usual, I’m sure that you just want to come to the certain restaurant after you heard that the restaurant have a special delicious menu, or it can be the atmosphere of the restaurant is so cozy and comfortable.

Well, for the first reason, in order to save your money, you can’t order all the delicious menus in that restaurant, just pick one. Beside that, to being so economical, you can order the refill drink like cola or lemon tea.

Some restaurants served the appetizer in big portion and proteins there like salad with smoke beef or chicken. So, before you check into the main menu, you can check the appetizer first, because usually the price of appetizer is cheaper than main menu. So, you can miss the main menu and just order the drink, but if you want to be more economical, just brought the drink from your house or buy in the supermarket, it will be more economical.

Well Readers, sometimes you have to check out the internet to buy voucher for eat in restaurant with the special price, there are so many discount vouchers there. Beside from the internet, the discount voucher sometimes came up in the magazine, especially culinary magazines. Sometimes they slip the voucher in the magazine. So before you buy the magazine, you better check first.

If you don’t want to count how much money that you waste to buy some meals in the restaurant, you can go to the all you can eat restaurant. There’s a fix price there and also you can eat anything without worrying about the bills. Better you find the all you can eat restaurants including the drinks too. But there’s one condition if you want to eat in this restaurant. You should let yourself hungry, so you can eat and taste all the menus there.

For the last tip, if you eat in a restaurant and you cannot eat the rest of your food anymore because you are too full, don’t be shy to ask the waitress to wrap the food and take the food away with you. You’ve already paid the food, so it’s your right to take the food to your house.

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