Healthy Ramadhan Fasting

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Healthy Ramadhan Fasting. Now, we are in the ninth month of the Moslem calendar called Ramadhan. Every Moslem around the world must to fast in this holy month. Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam.

Healthy Ramadhan Fasting

Healthy Ramadhan Fasting via

Ramadhan fasting has a wisdom, it teach us to have discipline in time, have a balance in life physically and spiritually, remember us to tie and keep the fraternity with other Moslems, teach us to care with poor people and being polite with them, train us to resist our negative desire like angry, cry, and other negative activities that will cause a sin.


Healthy Ramadhan Fasting

Beside that, Ramadhan fasting is also teaching us to be careful to do every little thing particularly activities that consist of sins, it teach us to live simply, ordinary, and also economical. And the most important wisdom from Ramadhan fasting is make us to be more grateful for every gift that Lord give to us.

During Ramadhan fasting, many of Moslems have a weak stomach, so they easily feel the pain in their stomach while fasting. That is happen because they don’t eat the meal when Sahur time or they consuming wrong medicine or food which hurt their stomach.

So, in order to prevent that kind of pain during Ramdhan fasting, every Moslems need to be more health when do the fast, it means they need to do healthy fasting.

Every Moslem need to drink mineral water enough because hydrate is an important thing during fasting, and when break time is coming, you need to drink more water, hydration needs for a day is about 1,5 liter.

You better do healthy diet when fasting, if break time is coming, don’t eat cake, cookies, or fried foods in excessive amounts it will make you overfull and sleepy, consider to eat dates to recharge your energy fast.

Beside that, you shouldn’t eat feast when break time, start with the snacks first and wait until the food absorbs in digestion.

Healthy Ramadhan Fasting

When Sahur time, try to eat fruits to be a vitamin source for your body and carbohydrate like rice. It will help your stomach struggle until Maghrib, and according to my experience, better if you eat when Sahur near to Imsak time. If possible, try to sleep in afternoon to collect your energy, avoiding sunlight in order to make you not dehydrate.

For the people who like to do sport, in Ramadhan, don’t exercise too hard. For the people with diabetes, control your blood sugar, enough hydrate and don’t eat sweet foods without doctor suggestion.

Avoid sleep after you ate at Sahur time, because it is not good for your stomach. During fasting, better if you do some activities like working, praying, cooking for break time, writing, or watching movies, so you don’t feel hungry.

Don’t be stress during fasting, because if you stress, you get two negative effects, first over gastric acid secretion will destroy gastric wall fast. Second, you will feel so hard to hold the negative desires like angry and crying, so if you stress, go praying and read Holy Qur’an.

So, do your health fasting now to balancing your healthiness physically and spiritually. I hope, your fasting in this holy month will be so blessed.

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